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Accidental death verdict on Ramsey woman

Briwnys dy dooar ben Rhumsaa baase kyndagh rish drogh-haghyrt

Ren bing-vaaish briwnys dy dooar ben ass Rhumsaa baase kyndagh rish drogh-haghyrt.

Hooar Lana Jacqueline Fuller baase ec e thie ayns Raad Peer y Venrein, y chiarroo laa jeig Mean Souree nurree. V'ee nuy bleeaney as feed dy eash.

Hoilshee tuarastylyn nieu-oaylleeaght dy row caghlaa dy ghruggaghyn ayns e corp, goaill stiagh pregabalin, methadone as diazepam.

Lurg jee v'er neaishtagh rish daa laa d'eanish, dinsh y toshiagh-jioarey Jayne Hughes da'n whaiyl dy dooar Bnr Fuller baase myr eiyrtys neuyoinagh jeh goaill ny smoo pregabalin as methadone na va oardit er e son.

Va Bnr Fuller er ve jannoo drogh-ymmyd jeh druggaghyn son traa foddey, as v'ee caggey noi ve currit da heroin roish shen.

Dooyrt e dooinney dy row ee feddynit echey daa laa roish e baase, as ee ny lhie er e dreeym, goll er toghtey liorish yn çhelley eck hene.

Post-L hug eh gys shirveish charr-lheihys Vannin yn oie roish baase Vnr Fuller, v'eh caillt sy choarys.

Cheayll y whaiyl dy row yn çhirveish phost-L ry-hoi shirraghyn cadjin, cha nee ry-hoi cooney medshinagh.

Accidental death verdict on Ramsey woman

A verdict of accidental death was reached at the inquest of a Ramsey woman.

29-year-old Lana Jacqueline Fuller died at her home in Queens Pier Road on June 14 last year.

Toxicology reports showed she had a number of drugs in her system including pregabalin, methadone and diazepam.

After hearing two days of evidence, coroner Jayne Hughes told the court Mrs Fuller's death arose as an unintended consequence of taking methadone and pregabalin over and above what was prescribed to her.

Mrs Fuller had a long history of drug abuse, having previously battled a heroin addiction.

She was taking prescribed methadone and having regular meetings with the drug and alcohol team as a result.

Her husband revealed two days before her death he'd found her lying on her back choking on her own saliva.

An email he sent to the Isle of Man ambulance service the night before Mrs Fuller's death was lost in the system.

The court heard the email service was meant for general inquiries and not for seeking medicinal help.

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