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Accuracy of tourism figures questioned

Feyshtyn er kiartys earrooyn yn turryssid

Ged Power gra nagh vel y tuittym ayns ny earrooyn keeaylaghTa ourys ec jantagh ynnydoil yn turryssid er kiartys ny data clouit ec jerrey yn chiaghtin shoh chaie.

Ny va feddynit ec creear mastey troailtee, t'ad cowraghey magh dy ren yn earroo dy cheayrtee gys yn Ellan tuittym dy geyre ayns 2017 - liorish ny shlee na hoght dy lieh 'sy cheead.

Ta Ged Power stiurey colught dellal turryssid golf syn Ellan, as t'eh co-obbraghey dy mooar lesh thieyn aaght as jantee arraghey.

T'eh gra nagh vel ny earrooyn cowreydagh da'n cheeal chionnit phersoonagh echey ayns yn daa vlein shoh chaie:

AS MNR POWER: Ta'n starr choud's ta mee toiggal eh ny eyshtane ta er ve jeant, nagh vel, ayns shamyr faagee y phurt marrey as y phurt aer. Myr shoh, t'eh orrym ynsaghey tooilley dy chur fo ard-soilshey eh. Agh ny ta mee gra, rere yn dellal aympene ta ny laghyn seyrey golf as yn turryssid cadjin as troailt as yn lheid, nagh vaik mee tuittym erbee. T'eh er n'gholl y troa elley as ta mee feer wooiagh lesh yn aght ta dellal goll.

Accuracy of tourism figures questioned

Ged Power says the fall in numbers doesn't add up

A local tourism operator is sceptical about the accuracy of data released at the end of last week.

The findings of a passenger survey indicate that the number of visitors to the Island fell sharply in 2017 - by more than 8 and a half per cent.

Ged Power runs a golf tourism business on the Island, and works closely with hotels and transport providers.

He says the figures aren't at all indicative of his personal experiences from the past two years:

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