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Advocate confident Tynwald will approve same-sex marriage

Ta leighder shickyr dy jean Tinvaal coardail rish poosey keintys cheddin

Ard-leighder Ellanagh, t'eh gra dy vel eh shickyr dy jean Tinvaal coardail rish poosaghyn keintys cheddin fy yerrey, ga dy jean shen goaill paart dy hraa, foddee.

Paul Beckett, ta gobbraghey er cooishyn cairys sheelnaue, t'eh gra dy vel fockley magh cairyssyn ooilley-chummalagh ny h-Ashoonyn Unnaneyssit goaill stiagh y cairys dy phoosey. Va shen currit magh ayns ny bleeantyn daeed sy cheead shoh chaie.

Oddagh ny caghlaaghyn ymmyrçhagh sy leigh ve jeant dy h-aashagh, t'eh credjal, as cha beagh feme er aa-screeu ymoddee slattyssyn.

Agh t'eh gra dy vel beoyn orroosyn ta jannoo leighyn syn Ellan dy obbraghey dy kiarailagh, erreish daue v'er vakin leighyn cosoylagh voish buill elley.

Advocate confident Tynwald will approve same-sex marriage

A leading Island advocate says he's confident Tynwald will eventually approve same-sex marriages, although it may take some time.

Paul Beckett, who works on human rights issues, says the right to marriage is enshrined in the UN's universal declaration of rights dating back to the 1940s.

He says he believes the required changes to the law could be made fairly easily - with no need to re-write swathes of legislation.

But he says the Island's lawmakers tend to move cautiously after seeing similar laws elsewhere.

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