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Advocate's concern over 'disenfranchised' voters

Leighder boirit ec voteyryn nagh vod votal

Ta leighder Ellanagh gra nagh vod shiaght-jeig sy cheead jeh'n reihderaght Vanninagh votal ayns yn ard-reihys Jerdein, er y fa nagh vel ad recortyssit.

John Wright, va ny offishear-reihys myrgeddin keayrt dy row, t'eh er nobbraghey magh nagh vel agh beggan ny shlee na kiare feed sy cheead dy leih lhisagh votal, recortyssit ec y traa t'ayn.

Ga ta votal dy sheiltynagh eginagh, t'eh er cummaltee yn ferrym oc hene y lhieeney, as eh y chur stiagh.

Ta Mnr Wright er voylley dy re recortyssey er linney ny aght dy hickyraghey dy jean gagh peiagh ta'n cairys oc votal, dy jean ad votal.

Dooyrt eh rish Radio Vannin dy re cooish t'ayn t'er voirey er son traa dy liooar.

Advocate's concern over 'disenfranchised' voters

An Island advocate says 17% of the Manx electorate won't be able to vote in Thursday's general election - because they're not registered.

John Wright, who was also a former returning officer, has calculated that just over 80% of the eligible voting population has made it on to the current register.

Although registration is technically compulsory, it's up to residents to complete and return their own form - Mr Wright says the Island should aim for a higher figure.

Mr Wright has recommended online registration as a way to ensure all those entitled to vote, do so.

He told Manx Radio it's an area he's been concerned about for some time.

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