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Airport plans 'not in any way privatisation' - treasury minister

Plannyn son y phurt-aer 'nagh vel preevaadjaghys ayns aght erbee' – shirveishagh tashtee

Tinvaal dy ve shirrit er dy phohlldal colught obbree s'lesh yn ashoon

Ta'n shirveishagh tashtee shassoo er, jeeaghyn er aght dy obbraghey y phurt-aer smoo fondagh, 'nagh vel preevaadjaghys ayns aght erbee' eh.

Bee Tinvaal shirrit er dy phohlldal yn eie jeh kiaddey colught s'lesh yn ashoon dy obbraghey Runnysvie.

Ta aa-scrutaght liorish fir choyrlee York Aviation gra dy vel eh doillee dy gheddyn earrooyn kiart, agh t'eh gooley ec y traa t'ayn dy vel £3.7 millioon goll er coayl eck dagh blein.

Ta Alfred Cannan gra dy vel ad sursmooinaghtyn dy trome-chooishagh er kuse dy haaseyn dy spaarail argid.

AS ALFRED CANNAN : Ta ymmodee jin er n'ghennaghtyn rish tammylt liauyr dy lhisagh paart jeh ny currymyn shoh ayndaue ta ayrn traghtee da shirveishyn y reiltys ve strughtoorit ayns aght elley, as she'n moylley jerrinagh eh dy hirrey yn eie shoh jeh sheshaght vees goll er cummal mooie. Shegin dou ve cleeir dy bollagh, nagh vel shoh ayns aght erbee preevaadjaghys. She couyr strateishagh ta'n phurt-aer son y reiltys as cha nel shoh bentyn rish preevaadjaghys: shoh bentyn rish reirey as obbraghey y phurt-aer, myr ta shinyn smooinaghtyn, ayns aght smoo baghtal as s'freggyrtee.    

Tynwald asked to back state-owned operating company 

The treasury minister insists a look into how the airport can be run more efficiently is 'not in any way privatisation'.

Tynwald will next week be asked to support the idea of creating a state-owned company to operate Ronaldsway.

A review by consultants York Aviation says it's difficult to get accurate figures, but estimates it's currently running at an annual £3.7 million loss.

Alfred Cannan says they are seriously considering a number of ways to save money:

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