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Almost half of current Noble's Hospital Covid cases acquired in hospital

Bunnys lieh jeh cooishyn Covid ayns Thie-Lheiys Noble er nyn ngeddyn 'sy thie-lheiys

Data s'noa y reiltys soilshaghey magh 29 surransee thie-lheiys ec y traa t'ayn as coronavirus oc

Bunnys lieh jeh ny surransee ayns Thie-Lheiys Noble as Covid-19 oc 'sy chiaghtin shoh chaie er n'gheddyn y doghan 'sy thie-lheiys.

Ta tuarastyl arree y hiaghtin shoh soilshaghey magh dy ren 14 jeh ny 29 feallee 'sy thie-lheiys as yn doghan oc geddyn eh ayns shen, dy row shey currit-lesh stiagh ayn er coontey Covid, as dy row ny nuy fir elley nyn surransee Covid currit-lesh stiagh ayn son oyryn elley.

Ta'n data s'noa soilshaghey magh neesht dy vel three baaseyn veih Covid er nyn veeraghey, cur yn ard-sym neayr's toshiaght y phandemagh gys 87.

Er mean ta 182 chooish jarrooagh er nyn imraa ayns yn chiaghtin shoh chaie,  vees soilshaghey magh leodaghey ayns aa-ymmyrkey 'sy cho-voodeeys.


Latest government data shows 29 hospital patients currently have coronavirus

Almost half of the patients in Noble's Hospital with Covid-19 over the last week have acquired the infection in hospital.

This week's surveillance report shows 14 of the 29 people in hospital with the infection caught it there, six were admitted due to Covid, and the other nine are Covid-positive patients admitted for other reasons.

The latest data also shows a further three Covid deaths have been confirmed, taking the total since the start of the pandemic to 87.

An average of 182 positive cases have been reported over the last week, showing a decrease in transmission in the community.

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