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Bereaved father talks drug prohibition

Ayr spooillit jeh mec, t'eh loayrt mychione stiurey druggaghyn

Ayr ynnydagh hooar y daa vac echey baase, kyndagh rish goaill rouyr ekstasee, loayr eh magh oie Jelune mychione y polasee-druggey t'ayn nish.

Y Possan Jantys Jarrooagh as Smooineyderyn Seyrey Vannin, chum ad çhaglym ayns Doolish - raad hug Ray Lakeman roish e chooish dy lhisagh druggaghyn ve fo reill leighagh.

Hooar Jacques as Torin Lakeman baase ayns Mee ny Nollick feed cheead as kiare-jeig lurg daue v'er ghoaill MDMA - ny ekstasee - v'ad er chionnaghey er yn eddyr-voggyl dorraghey.

Dooyrt eh nagh vel mee-lowal er chur sthap da sleih gymmydey druggaghyn - t'eh cur roish yn eie, my vees y towse-druggey fo smaght, foddee atçhimyn ve er nyn shaghney.

Jane Slater, ass yn Undinys ry-hoi Caghlaa Polasee-Druggey, ta soit sy Reeriaght Unnaneyssit, ta'n barel cheddin ecksh, as loayr ee ec y çhaglym ayns Club Leejoon Vannin ayns Doolish.

Dooyrt Mnr Lakeman rish Radio Vannin dy nhegin da leighyn-druggey erbee ve shassooagh.

Bereaved father talks drug prohibition

A local father whose two sons died from an ecstacy overdose spoke out on current drug policy on Monday night.

The Positive Action Group and Isle of Man Freethinkers hosted a meeting in Douglas - where Ray Lakeman presented his argument on why drugs needed legal regulation.

Jacques and Torin Lakeman died in December 2014 after taking MDMA - or ecstacy - that they'd bought on the dark web.

He said prohibition hadn't stopped people using drugs - he proposes that if dosage is controlled tragedies can be avoided.

Jane Slater of UK-based Transform Drug Policy Foundation shares his view, and spoke at the event in the Manx Legion Club in Douglas.

Mr Lakeman told Manx Radio that any drug laws must be consistent.

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