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Bettison unhappy over Syrian refugee comments

Bettison neu-vaynrey mychione raaghyn er kemmyrkee Syrianagh

Gobbal dy row eamyn son bing ny clink dy cheiltynys

Ta'n OCF (Oltey yn Chiare as Feed) ass-lieh Doolish Hiar Clare Bettison er chremmey raaghyn jeant ec yn Ard Shirveishagh er y resoonaght mychione kemmyrkee Syrianagh.

Va Howard Quayle cheet er yn eam son bing dy ve currit er bun dy yeeaghyn er oyryn pro as con cur aaght da 25 kemmyrkee myr clink dy cheiltynys as eab dy chur bun-ry-skyn reaghys Coonceil ny Shirveishee.

Ta Coonceil ny Shirveishee, ayns y lught-reill t'ayn nish as 'syn er shoh chaie, er reaghey dy chur cooney mooie dy chooney kemmyrkee ayns campyn ny s'niessey da'n thie oc. 

Dooyrt Mnr Quayle nagh vel yn Ellan reihalagh son argid veih Reiltys yn RU (Reeriaght Unnaneysit) ny veih'n skeim aa-hoiaghey.

Ren eab liorish OCF ass-lieh Garff Daphne Caine ayns Tinvaal dy chur er bun bing failleil liorish un teiy.

Ta Clare Bettison, hug niart rish y treealtys, gra dy jinnagh y ving er chur caa son scrutaght liorish yn ard-whaiyl as liorish y theay. 

AS CLARE BETTISON : Yinnagh shen er lhiggey da'n choloayrtys shoh dy ve currit roish dy kiart ayns aght baghtal as foshlit, dy ronsaghey ooilley yn eanish dy foshlit, as eisht dy chur roish moyllaghyn rere shen. As er-lhiam dy row shen dy bollagh y red kiart as cooie lhisagh v'er haghyrt. As er-lhiam, nish, dy yannoo raaghyn lhean mychione ny oddagh y ving v'er n'yannoo, shen daanys vooaralagh ec y chooid share.


Denies calls for committee were a smokescreen

Douglas East MHK Clare Bettison has hit out at comments made by the Chief Minister over the Syrian refugee debate.

Howard Quayle suggested the call for a committee to be established to look at the pros and cons of housing 25 refugees was a smokescreen and an attempt to overturn a Council of Ministers decision.

CoMin, in both the current and previous administrations, has decided to send overseas aid to help refugees in camps nearer to home.

Mr Quayle stated the Island is not entitled to any funding from the UK Government or the resettlement scheme.

Garff MHK Daphne Caine's move in Tynwald to set-up the committee failed by one vote.

Clare Bettison, who seconded the motion, says the committee would have provided parliamentary and public scrutiny.

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