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Bill Malarkey reveals personal harassment

Bill Malarkey soilshaghey magh tranlaase persoonagh

Va'n Shirveishagh Cooishyn Sthie loayrt 'sy Chiare as Feed

Ta'n Shirveishagh Cooishyn Sthie er ve loayrt veih keeayl chionnit mychione ny doilleeidyn ayns coadey oo hene as dty lught-thie veih tranlaase liorish fir elley.

Ren Bill Malarkey soilshaghey magh y stayd echey hene, as drogh-helgeyr jannoo ersyn.

Shoh choud's v'eh goaill ayrn ayns resoonaght yn Chiare as Feed er coadey obbreeyn slaynt (ta jannoo shirveishyn rey torraghys) vouesyn ta noi caghlaa 'sy leigh.

AS MNR MALARKEY : Myr fer 'sy traa t'er n'gholl shaghey as va feme aym cur oardyr tranlaase er peiagh ennagh va far-helg ayns ard ta mee cummal ayn, t'eh ceau traa dy gholl gys y whaiyl as ta feme ort geddyn reddyn jeh dy chooilley horch dy yannoo, cha nel shoh taghyrt chelleeragh.

Ny ta shin cur ayns shoh, my vees peiagh ennagh er-lheh jannoo tranlaase er fer lhee profeshoonagh bentyn rish rey torraghys 'syn ard oc, liorish jannoo shoh, oddagh shiu cur bree chelleeragh da ard mygeayrt thie y pheiagh shen dy ghooney magh y peiagh shen, shaghey goll sheese y raad, mannagh vel shin jannoo shoh, jeh cur aghin trooid turneyr ta goll gys y whaiyl marish ny meoiryn shee, as foddee eh goaill shiaghtin.


Bill Malarkey reveals personal harassment

Home Affairs Minister was speaking in the Keys

The Home Affairs Minister has been speaking from personal experience of the difficulties in protecting yourself and your household from harassment from others.

Bill Malarkey described his own situation of being subject to a stalker.

It was while he was contributing to the Keys debate on protecting health workers (providing abortion services) from those who are against change in the law.

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