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Bishop backs Road Races Bill

Aspick pohlldal Billey Ratçhyn-Raad

Ta'n Çhiarn Aspick gra dy vel eh goaill arrys dy vel y Doonagh er jeet dy ve smoo tarroogh, agh t'eh toiggal dy vel feme er y Villey Ratçhyn-Raad.

Ta Robert Paterson er ve loayrt, as y billey currit magh son cochoyrle.

T'eh mollit er yn oyr dy vel Jedoonee gollrish laa elley erbee sy çhiaghtin nish, agh t'eh toiggal dy re ymmyrçhagh yn caghlaa, as dy vel y billey er ve co-ennaghtagh rish yeearreeyn sleih ta goll gys y cheeill Jedoonee.

Bishop backs Road Races Bill

The Lord Bishop says he regrets Sundays have become busier, but understands the need for the Road Races Bill.

Robert Paterson has been speaking as the bill has been put out for consultation.

He's disappointed Jedoonee is now like any other day of the week in most respects, but realises the change is necessary and has been sympathetic to the needs of churchgoers.

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