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Blackmail warning from police

Raaue mysh dooalyn veih meoiryn-shee

Ta ny meoiryn-shee cur raaue da sleih bentyn da rheynn fysseree follit marish sleih elley er-linney, ny lurg possan dy chooishyn-dooal.

Ayns ny shey meeghyn t'er gholl shaghey nyn lomarcan, ta offishearyn gra, t'ad er ronsaghey shey cooishyn jeh cummaltee Ellanagh va currit fo dooal er-linney liorish meanyn sheshoil.

Sleih hie er teiy, ta ny meoiryn-shee gra, va argid seose gys shey thousane punt shirrit orroo son cummal follit fysseree, jallooyn as feeshanyn.

Ta ny meoiryn-shee gra dy lhisagh sleih ve er nyn dwoaie bentyn da jannoo caarjyn er-linney, as dy lhisagh ad shaghney cur magh fyssyree erbee oddagh ymmyd ve jeant jeh noi oc.

T'ad gra ny sodjey nagh lhisagh oo cur argid gys y dooaleyr ec traa erbee - cha jean shen agh leeideil gys tooilley boirey.

Blackmail warning from police

Police are warning people to be careful who they share intimate moments with online - after a spate of blackmail cases.

Officers say in the past six months alone, they've investigated six reports of Island residents being blackmailed online through social media.

They say those who've been targeted have received demands for up to £6,000 to withold sensitive information, pictures and videos.

Police say people should be wary of who they befriend online, and avoid passing on any information which might be used against them.

They add if you've been targeted you should never send money to the blackmailer - as it will only lead to more problems.

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