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Boot denies scallop quota announcement was late

Boot gobbal dy row fogrey er quota roagan anmagh

Shirveishagh gra dy vel feme er eiyrt er oardrailys

Ta'n Shirveishagh Chymmyltaght, Bee as Eirinys gra nagh row y fogrey mychione cagliagh er goaill 'sy eeastagh roagan er ny chumrail dy neu-chooie.

Va paart dy chremmey ny s'leaie 'sy chiaghtin shoh mychione dolley dy niaght lesh yn imbagh noa fosley Jeheiney (1 Mee Houney). 

Ta Geoffrey Boot gra dy row ny moyllaghyn veih boayrd stiuree roagan yn Ellan er nyn gummal seose dy slane.

Ta'n eiyrtys jeu injillaghey 20% er y chagliagh nurree.

Ta Mnr Boot gra dy vel oardrailys ayn as feme er eiyrt er.

AS GEOFFREY BOOT : Va feme ain er loayrt, ass cooyrtoilid ayns shiartanse dy chooishyn, rish  ny lughtyn-reill elley mygeayrt Mooir Nerin, lesh ny moyllaghyn, as s'baghtal eh dy vel shin ginsh shen da'n jeadys cho leah as oddys mayd. Cha row cowrey feysht erbee ayn bentyn rish yn imbagh goaill toshiaght.   


Minister says process needs to be followed

The Minister for Environment, Food and Agriculture says the announcement over catch limits for king scallop fishing wasn't delayed unduly.

There was some criticism earlier this week over a lack of news with the new season opening on Friday (1 November).

Geoffrey Boot says the recommendations from the Island's scallop management board were supported in full.

It means a 20% reduction on last year's limits.

Mr Boot says there's a process which needs to be followed:-

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