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Boot promises queenie bag limit review

Boot gialdyn dy yeeaghyn reesht er cagliagh goaill myn-roagan

Margey son roaganyn er ny lhaggaghey dy trome

Ta’n Shirveishagh Chymmyltaght, Bee as Eirinys er ghialdyn dy bee caglieeyn goaill son eeasteyryn Manninagh myn-roagan er nyn jeeaghyn er reesht ayns yn daa hiaghtin shoh cheet.

Ta Geoffrey Boot gra dy vel er er y cheird goaill kiarail noi injillaghey sthock gys earrooyn nagh vel ry chummal seose, choud’s ren yn imbagh fosley y chiaghtin shoh.

Ta cagliagh goaill ooilley cooidjagh jeh 557 tonne er ve reaghit, lesh myn-roaganyn goll er creck ec lieh ny priosyn v’ayn nurree er margey ta er ny lhaggaghey dy trome.

Ta Mnr Boot gra dy vel eh er e rheynn ve arreydagh noi freggyrt gyn tort.

AS GEOFFREY BOOT : T’eh feer aashagh dy ghra, “Oh well, my vees y prios yn lieh-ayrn jeh ny v’eh, nee mayd goaill dooble, eisht nee mayd cosney  y cheet stiagh cheddin.” Agh eisht my vees oo goaill dooble as ginjillaghey sthockyn goll er oai, as ta shin treishteil as jerkal rish shareaghey ‘sy vargey ‘sy traa ry heet choud’s ta’n pandemagh goll sheese, eisht bee eh ommidjagh dy stroie sthockyn ec y traa er-lheh shoh. Agh ta shen aym’s ayns my aigney, as nee mayd jeeaghyn er shen reesht as jeeaghyn er y raad ta shin goll bentyn da shen.


Market for scallops severely depressed

The Environment Food and Agriculture Minister has promised bag limits for Manx queenie fishermen will be reviewed in the next two weeks.

Geoffrey Boot says the industry has to be careful not to deplete stock to unsustainable levels, as the season opened this week.

A total catch limit of 557 tonnes has been set, with queen scallops selling for half of last year's prices amid a severely depressed market. 

Mr Boot says his department must be wary of a knee-jerk reaction:   

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