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Brexit 'disarray' hampering abortion law reform

'Musthaa' Brexit cumrail lhiassaghey leigh castey torraghys

Bill fuirraghtyn er kied reeoil neayr's Mee Houney

Ta arganeyssyn foast ry yannoo er Brexit cumrail goll er y hoshiaght fer jeh meeryn dy clattys yn Ellan as jerkalys smoo er-e-hon.

Ta'n foill son lhiettrymys er y Villey Lhiassaghey Castey Torraghys goll er cur er yn towse dy obbyr ec y traa t'ayn ec shirveish steat yn RU (Reeriaght Unnaneysit) er-coontey faagail plannit ny cheerey veih'n Unnaneys Oarpagh.

Mee Houney va'n Billey currit gys Westminster son Kied Reeoil, agh ta'n OCF (Oltey yn Chiare as Feed) cochianglt rish shen er chur leshtal son yn aght t'eh goll er y hoshiaght dy moal, as cur y foill er y 'vusthaa' 'sy pholitickaght Goaldagh.

Rere yn oltey ass-lieh Rhumsaa yn Fer Lhee Alex Allinson, ta'n leigh Vannin treealit nish fo scrutaght ec yn Airaght Cairys dy yannoo shickyr dy vel eh biallagh da ooilley ny leighyn er cairyn dooinnoil.

"Shoh scanshoil," dinsh eh da Radio Vannin, "er-yn-oyr dy vel kuse dy chooishyn er ve ayn er y gherrid raad ta possanyn noi castey torraghys er chur eab er scryssey magh leighyn jeant ec ard-whaiyllyn reiht dy deynlagh liorish cur jannoo ymmyd jeh barristeryn dy chur arganeyssyn leighoil chagnoil."

Ta'n possan pro-reih, Campaign for Abortion Law Reform (CALM - y Troddan son Lhiassaghey yn Leigh er Castey Torraghys), gra dy vel y cumrail 'tarmestagh erskyn credjue'.

Ayns fogrey er nyn ynnyd eggey, ta treisht orroo dy bee y Billey signit cho leah as soie Tinvaal Toshiaght Arree, as liorish ta'n Fer Lhee Allinson jerkal rish y Rheynn Slaynt as Kiarail y Theay "dy ve aarloo dy ghoaill toshiaght er shirveish cho leah as oddys shen y ve" dy chur ny t'eh cheet er myr "shirveish chastey torraghys entreilagh as sauchey son mraane ayns Ellan Vannin."

Choud's ta lhiassaghey goll trooid y starr slattyssagh, ta CALM coyrlaghey mraane ayns ard ghaue lesh torraghys dy hirrey cooney veih'n Abortion Support Network (Moggyl son Cooney Castey Torraghys) 'syn RU, as ablid echey my vees ymmyrchagh eh, cur cooney argidoil da peiagh erbee as ta feme urree troailt son castey torraghys.

Va rolley dy earrooyn chellvane son Shirveish Choyrlee er Castey Torraghys yn RSKT (Rheynn Slaynt as Kiarail y Theay) goit stiagh 'sy lioar chellvane son y chied cheayrt mleeaney, lesh enmys fysseree son yn Shirveish Choyrlee Goaldagh er Torraghys as son yn Voggyl son Cooney Castey Torraghys.


Bill has been awaiting royal assent since November

Ongoing disputes over Brexit are delaying the progress of one of the Island's most anticipated pieces of legislation.

A hold up to the Abortion Reform Bill is being blamed on the increased workload currently on the UK's civil service because of the country's planned departure from the European Union. 

In November the Bill was put to Westminster for Royal Assent, but the MHK behind it has apologised for its slow progress blaming the 'disarray' in British politics. 

According to the member for Ramsey Dr Alex Allinson, the proposed Manx law is now under scrutiny from the Ministry of Justice to ensure that it is compliant with all human rights laws.

"This is important" he told Manx Radio, "as there have been several recent cases where anti-abortion groups have tried to overturn laws made by democratically elected parliaments through employing barristers to present technical legal arguments."

Pro-choice group, Campaign for Abortion Law Reform says the delay is 'incredibly frustrating'.

In a statement on their website, they are hopeful the Bill will be signed as soon as the February sitting of Tynwald, by which Dr Allinson expects the Department of Health and Social Care "to be in the position to commence a service as soon as possible' to provide what he calls 'an accessible and safe abortion service for women on the Isle of Man.'

Whilst reform goes through the legislative process, CALM advised women with crisis pregnancies to seek support from the Abortion Support Network in the UK who can if necessary, offer financial assistance for anyone needing to travel for an abortion.
Phone listings for a DHSC Abortion Counselling Service were included in the phonebook for the first time this year, along with contacts for the British Pregnancy Advisory Service and the Abortion Support Network.

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