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Brexit uncertainty comes at cost to Manx gov't

Neu-hickyrys mychione Brexit cur costys er reiltys Vannin

Costys cochianglt rish son yn Ellan

Ta neu-hickyrys kinjagh mychione Brexit cur costys er reiltys Ellan Vannin.

Shen rere yn ard shirveishagh, ta gra dy row eh orroo goaill argid veih'n £1 villioon elley va ry gheddyn 'sy chlaare argidoil mleeaney.

Ta Howard Quayle gra, choud's ta barganaghyn tannaghtyn ayn, as ta oik y phreeu-airey goll er shirrey, dy vel feme er Ellan Vannin tannaghtyn lesh aarlaghey son dy chooilley eiyrtys.

As shen dy ghra ceau tooilley argid.

AS HOWARD QUAYLE : S'baghtal eh dy vel costys ayn, as hug yn Shirveishagh Tashtee tashtey dy argid – er-lhiam dy nee £1 villioon punt v'ayn – ry lhiattee er-nyn-son dy hayrn argid ass. Va feme orrin, dy baghtal, paart jeh shen y hayrn ass. Ta shin foast foddey cheusthie jeh'n chlaare argidoil ain. Myr shoh, she, s'baghtal eh dy vel costyssyn elley ayn, er-yn-oyr dy vel eh orrin cur fwirran ersooyl ny smenkey. As s'feer scanshoil eh dooys dy vel shin tannaghtyn lesh dellal 'syn aght cadjin ayns Ellan Vannin, nagh vel stiurey yn Ellan dy laaoil goll er jannoo er liorish ny preayssyn ass cur fwirranyn ersooyl gys yn RU [Reeriaght Unnaneysit]. 


Cost implication for Island

Continual uncertainty over Brexit comes at a cost to the Isle of Man government.

That's according to the chief minister, who says they've had to dip into extra £1 million made available in this year's budget.

Howard Quayle says while negotiations continue, and the prime minister's position is up for grabs, the Isle of Man has to keep preparing for all eventualities.

And that means spending more money.

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