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Broadcasting work ongoing - DED

Obbyr-chreelee fo raad - Rheynn Lhiasaghey Tarmaynagh

Obbyr bentyn da tayrn colughtyn-creelee gys Mannin, t'ee goll er-oi dy mie, agh ta foast ram obbyr ry-yannoo.

Shen cordail rish John Spellman, stiureyder shirveishyn argidoil y Rheynn Lhiasaghey Tarmaynagh.

Va'n ventyr er ny ockley magh er y gherrid, marish y naight dy vel SES Satellite Leasing kiarail troggal çhellphurt lesh kiare jystyn ayns shoh. She ayns Mannin ta SES Satellite Leasing soit.

Ta Mnr Spellman gra dy vel obbyr dy liooar jeant hannah dy chur yn çhalee er e toshiaght.

Loayrt dy gyere, t'eh gra, cha nel ymmyd y Tashtey-Lhiasee Mean er ny chaghlaa. Ta'n Tashtey goll er stiurey ec Pinewood PIctures.

Broadcasting work ongoing - DED

Work on attracting broadcasting companies to the Isle of Man is progressing well, but there's plenty more to do.

That's according to the Department of Economic's director of financial services, John Spellman.

The initiative was recently announced alongside the news that Isle of Man-based SES Satellite Leasing intends to build a four-dish teleport here.

Mr Spellman says plenty of work has already gone into the project.

He also says strictly speaking there had been no change of use for the Media Development Fund, which is managed by Pinewood Pictures.

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