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Bus drivers 'not interested in money'

Immanee barroose - 'cha nel ad boirit mychione argid'

Chaghter sheshaght cheirdey cur freggyrt da cheb faill yn RB-T

Ta chaghter sheshaght cheirdey shassoo er nagh vel immanee barroose boirit mychione argid lurg da'n Rheynn Bun-Troggalys chebbal sym gloutagh £25,000 dauesyn ta soiaghey jeh kianglaghyn as conaantyn noa.

Ta Debbie Halsall jeh Unite gra dy vel y dellal noa goaill stiagh, cha nee faill sinshley ynrican, agh kianglaghyn s'boghtey son ny obbreeyn.

As ish loayrt er Mandate moghrey Jeheiney (26 Jerrey Souree), ren eh soilshaghey magh dy row sym gloutagh sloo er ny hebbal hoshiaght da immanee, agh nagh jean sym erbee caghlaa yn aigney oc.

T'ee credjal dy vel ny obbreeyn geearree ynrican dy gholl er lesh nyn startaghyn:

AS DEBBIE HALSALL : Cha nel yn sleih shoh geearree cheet dy ve ayns ny ard-linnaghyn reesht as reesht. Dy bunnidagh t'ad geearree ynrican goll dy yannoo yn startey oc. Cha nel shoh ny red noa: shoh ayns rieughid red ennagh t'er ve er y voayrd rish tammylt. Cha ren eh goaill toshiaght ec £25,000: v'eh ny sym sloo. As t'ad cur eab er cur y bite shen rhymboo, as gra, my vees shin chebbal shoh diu. T'ad geearree reaghey kianglaghyn as conaantyn, t'ad geearree goll dy yannoo nyn obbyr, as dy ve paart jeh fwirran aghtey rolaue as dy ve faagit dy yannoo ny t'ad goll er eeck dy yannoo.


Union rep responds to DoI pay offer

A union representative insists bus drivers aren't interested in money after the Department of Infrastructure offered a £25,000 lump sum to those accepting new terms and conditions.

Debbie Halsall from Unite says the new deal doesn't just include a lower salary, but lesser terms for the workers.

Speaking on Mandate this morning, she revealed the drivers were initially offered a smaller lump sum, but that no amount would change their minds.
She believes the workers just want to get on with their jobs:

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