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Caine disappointed with political role at regulator

Caine mollit liorish paart politickagh ec reilleyder

Caairlagh yn Oaseirys Chellinsh foast ny pholitickeyr

Ta Oltey yn Chiare as Feed ass-lieh Garff Daphne Caine mollit nagh daink eh lesh y treealtys eck dy yannoo neu-pholitickagh paart Caairlagh yn Oaseirys Chellinsh.

Va lhiasaghey da'n Villey Chellinsh jiooldit ayns yn Chiare as Feed y chiaghtin shoh (Jemayrt 25 Toshiaght Arree) liorish 13 voteyn gys 10.

Ta Bnr Caine credjal dy nee chaghteraght danjeyragh ee son reiltys Vannin dy chur magh, soilshaghey magh mee-hreisht as feme er myn-reirey.

AS DAPHNE CAINE : Cour tastid jeh reill mie, ta feme er scarrey baghtal eddyr y reilleyder as . . . reiltys y laa, as ta shoh taghyrt lane vie 'syn Oaseirys Stiurey Carrooghys, ayns Lught-reill ny Shirveishyn Argidoil, myr shoh cre'n fa t'eh femoil dy freayll y chochianglys shen son kiarailyn ayns cur roish ny reillaghyn shoh tra t'eh cheet sheese gys yn Oaseirys Chellinsh?   


Communications Commission chair still a politician 

Garff MHK Daphne Caine is disappointed her move to make the chair of the Communications Commission a non-political role failed.

An amendment to the Communications Bill was rejected in the House of Keys this week (Tuesday 25 February) by 13 votes to 10.

Mrs Caine believes it's a dangerous message for the Manx government to send out, showing a lack of trust and a need to micro-manage.

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