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Caine wants committee after student petition

Caine geearree bing lurg aghin ec studeyryn

Eab elley dy gholl roish Tinvaal

Nee OCF son Garff Daphne Caine briaght jeh Tinvaal dy ghoaill tastey jeh aghin ec studeyryn shirrey aaght dy ve currit da earroo beg dy chemmyrkee Syrianagh 'syn Ellan.

Ta Bnr Caine geearree bing reiht dy ve currit er bun dy yeeaghyn er ooilley ny pro-yn as con-yn roish my vees reaghys erbee jeant.

Ta chiarn y Phartee Obbraghys yn Chiarn Dubs, as va eshyn hene ny chemmyrkagh myr paitchey ren chea Germaan ny Nazi-yn, credjal dy vel currym er Ellan Vannin tooilley y yannoo.

Ta Bnr Caine er vriaght jeh Tinvaal dy yannoo shoh roie, as t'ee gobbal dy nee'n jannoo shoh veg agh cur-lesh y treealtys er-ash derrey vees eh cheet lhee rere yn aigney eck.

AS DAPHNE CAINE : Cha nee, er chor erbee. Va mee rey rish nurree, Mee Houney. She votal feer faggys v'ayn, agh cha ren Tinvaal pohlldal cur er bun bing dy ronsaghey vel eh cooilleentagh dy yannoo shoh. Yn oyr neu-chramp son cur-lesh er oi eh nish, shen er yn oyr dy vel sleih aegey, shey bleeaney jeig, shiaght bleeaney jeig, y nah heeloghe dy heiyderyn, cha nel adsyn soiaghey jeh dy vel Ellan Vannin jannoo dy chooilley red lhisagh eh ve jannoo dy chooney lesh kemmyrkee Syrianagh. 


Further attempt to go to Tynwald 

Garff MHK Daphne Caine will ask Tynwald to take note of a student petition asking for a small number of Syrian refugees to be homed on the Island.

Mrs Caine wants a select committee to be established to look at all the pros and cons before any decision is taken.

Labour peer Lord Dubs, himself a child refugee who fled Nazi Germany, believes the Isle of Man has a responsibility to do more.

Mrs Caine has asked Tynwald to do this before, and denies it's a case of bringing the proposal back until she gets her own way:-


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