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Call to withhold union dues over Labour attack

Eam gyn feeaghyn heshaght-cheirdey y eeck, kyndagh rish Partee Obbraghys soie er Mannin

Sheshaghtyn-keirdey ayns Mannin, t'ad goll er greinnaghey dy smooinaghtyn er scuirr veih cur argid da'n Phartee Obbraghys Goaldagh, kyndagh rish cassid jeant ec Ed Miliband noi ynnydyn argidoil har-mooir.

Ta'n Commeeys Celtiagh geamagh son shen, ny lurg cremmey hie er soilsheeney dy lhean, cremmey va jeant ec fer-toshee yn Phartee Obbraghys, bentyn da shellooderys colughtyn ayns reillyssyn har-mooir.

Dooyrt Mnr Miliband dy jinnagh eh gaggyrt 'fakin ny lioaryn' jeh Crogheydyssyn Crooin, goaill stiagh Mannin, çheu-sthie jeh shey mee ny lurg da reiltys Obbraghys goaill oik ayns laue, my chosnys eh yn ard-reihys ayns Mee Boaldyn.

Ta'n Commeeys Celtiagh gra 'reihyssaght neunearagh' rish y chassid, ta jannoo skielley da caaghyn-startey obbreeyn Manninagh as ny lughtyn-thie oc.

Stiureyder-Fysseree Bernard Moffatt, t'eh gra dy lhisagh sheshaghtyn-keirdey ayns shoh smooinaghtyn dy dowin bentyn da lowal da feeaghyn olteynyn cooney lesh troddan Obbraghys.

Call to withhold union dues over Labour attack

Trade unions in the Island are being urged to consider stopping donations to the Labour Party after Ed Miliband's attack on offshore financial centres.

The call comes from the Celtic League after widely publicised criticism by the Labour leader of secrecy over the ownership of companies in offshore jurisdictions.

Mr Miliband said he would demand to 'see the books' of Crown Dependencies including the Isle of Man, within six months of a Labour government taking office, if it wins May's general election.

The Celtic League has described the attack as 'flagrant electioneering' which damages the jobs prospects of Manx workers and their families.

Director of Information Bernard Moffatt says unions here should think twice about allowing members' levies to help fund Labour's campaign.

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