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Campaigner surprised by gay marriage law change

Yindys currit er troddaneyr ec caghlaa sy leigh-gay

Kioneraadagh ren gleck son cairys-gay ayns Mannin, dooyrt eh nagh smooinee eh rieau dy darragh y laa tra veagh poosey keintys cheddin lowit ayns shoh.

Haink Alan Shea dy ve mie er enn myr nane jeh'n sleih ren gleck nagh beagh homocheintys noi yn leigh syn Ellan ayns ny bleeantyn kiare feed s'jerree as ny bleeantyn kiare feed as jeih toshee.

Ec y jerrey shiaghtin, va'n chied phoosey keintys cheddin cooilleenit, as sy jerrey shiaghtin roish shen, ny myr shen, cheaghil cubbil elley nyn gommeeyssyn theayagh gys poosey.

Ta Mnr Shea gra dy dug y caghlaa sy leigh yindys dy liooar er.

Campaigner surprised by gay marriage law change

A pioneering gay rights campaigner in the Isle of Man said he never thought he'd see the day when same-sex marriage was allowed here.

Alan Shea rose to prominence as one of the people who fought for decriminalisation of homosexuality on the Island in the late '80s and early '90s.

The Island saw its first same-sex wedding at the weekend, while in the last weekend or so other couples have converted their civil partnership to marriage.

Mr Shea says the change in the law came as something of a surprise to him.

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