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Cannan confident after credit blow

Cannan shickyr lurg builley-daill

Ta'n Shirveishagh Tashtee gra nagh row yindys currit er ec leodaghey sess-daill yn Elllan - agh t'eh gra dy lajer nagh vel shen soilshaghey yn slane stayd tarmaynagh.

Ta ronseyderyn baihaghey argid lught Moody er narraghey yn leagh ain voish Aa1 jiooldagh gys Aa2 shickyr, gollrish y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit.

Ta'n loght currit er missilid bentyn da barganey eddyr y Vretin Vooar as yn Unnaneys Oarpagh mychione y Vretin Vooar faagail yn Unnaneys.

Ta Mnr Cannan gra nagh dod y briwnys ve shaghnit.

Cannan confident after credit blow

The Treasury Minister says he was not surprised to see the Island's credit rating downgraded - but insists it doesn't show the full economic picture.

Investment analysts Moody's have revised our score to Aa2 stable from Aa1 negative, in line with the UK.

Continuing uncertaintly over Britain's exit negotiations with the European Union are being blamed.

Alf Cannan says the decision was inevitable.

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