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Cannan's cabinet changes 'quite extraordinary'

Caghlaaghyn ayns coonceil Cannan 'dy mooar ass cadjinys'

Ny shlee sleih irree ass as ve currit ass 'sy vlein shoh chaie na er feiy lught-reill Quayle  

Ta coontey er ve currit jeh caghlaaghyn da Coonceil ny Shirveishee ayns ny shey meeaghyn t'er n'gholl shaghey myr 'dy mooar ass cadjinys'.

Ta shey caghlaaghyn er ve jeant mygeayrt boayrd y Choonceil neayr's Mee Voaldyn, as yn fer s'noa Rob Callister – va currit ass yn oik echey myr shirveish slaynt Jerdein 10 Mee Houney.

Ta Oltey yn Chiare as Feed son Connaghyn er ve 'sy startey rish beggan ny sloo na daa vee lurg da ve pointit da Coonceil ny Shirveishee 16 Mean Fouyir.

Ta'n eear hirveishagh slaynt as yn shirveishagh gastid dellal ec y traa t'ayn, Lawrie Hooper, er ny ograghey magh ayns ynnyd jeh – as sleih sheiltyn dy vel yn resooney son y vriwnys bentyn da'n cheeayl chionnit echey roish nish.

Jemayrt 8 Mee Houney va coloayrtys eddyr yn Ard Shirveishagh Alfred Cannan as Mnr Callister, as Mnr Cannan briaght jeh dy irree ass. Ayns screeuyn Jecrean 9 Mee Houney, ren Mnr Callister gra dy row eh geearree freayll rish yn oik. 

Ayns fogrey Jerdein 10 Mee Houney dooyrt Mnr Cannan, lurg earroo dy choloayrtyssyn ayns ny laghyn jeieanagh er doolaneyn obbree as politickagh bentyn da'n Rheynn Slaynt as Kiarail y Theay as da'n cherroo slaynt as kiarail dy s'lhea, dy row briwnys jeant echey dy neu-wooiagh dy vel yn Rheynn Slaynt as Kiarail y Theay feme ymmyrkey elley ec y traa ard scanshoil shoh.


More resignations and changes in last year than Quayle administration

Changes to the Council of Ministers in the past six months have been described as 'quite extraordinary'.

There's been six changes around the Cabinet table since May, the latest being Rob Callister - who was sacked from his role as health minister yesterday.

The Onchan MHK has been in the job for just under two months having been appointed to the Council of Ministers on 16 September.

The former health minister, and current enterprise minister, Lawrie Hooper has been announced as his replacement - the reasoning behind the decision is being put down to his previous experience.

On Tuesday 8 November there was a discussion between the Chief Minister Alfred Cannan and Mr Callister, as Mr Cannan asked him to resign. In a letter on Wednesday 9 November, Mr Callister said that he wished to continue in the office.

In an announcement Thursday 10 November Mr Cannan said that, after a number of discussions in recent days about the operational and political challenges in relation to the Department of Health and Social Care and to the health and care sector more broadly, he had reluctantly concluded  that the Department of Health and Social Care needed a different approach at this critical time. 

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