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'Catastrophic' December for pub and restaurant trade

Mee ny Nollick 'chraghoil' son dellal thieyn oast as thieyn bee

Sheshaght Lught ny Thieyn Oast cur faaishnys er Jerrey Geuree doillee son kerroo

Ta coontey giare er ny chur jeh Mee ny Nollick myr 'craghoil' son dellal thieyn oast as thieyn bee Vannin.

Ta Sheshaght Lught ny Thieyn Oast treishteil dy heet quail yn reiltys dy loayrt mychione ny doolaneyn fo ny jeadyssyn.

Va gennid dy obbreeyn ny reaghyssyn scryssit magh jannoo er ymmodee ynnydyn er coontey Covid-19.

Ta'n Caairlagh Geoff Joughin gra dy vel imneaghyn mooarey echey mychione kuse dy vuill choud's t'ad goll stiagh 'sy Vlein Noa.

AS GEOFF JOUGHIN : Ta tannaghtyn ayn er jeet dy ve feer, eer doillee, as hig eh dy ve, myr nee'm cur faaishnys er nish, foddey ny smoo doillee Jerrey Geuree. Ta mooarane dy liooar dy reddyn dy sur-smooinaghtyn er. Laghyn seyrey ny obbreeyn: cha row caa da ny obbreeyn ain goaill laghyn seyrey mleeaney er coontey red ennagh. Ta kuse jeu as va Covid oc, as choud's ta shen taghyrt, t'eh er olteynyn elley y wirran lheimmey stiagh ayn as scryssey magh ny laghyn seyrey oc. Cha nel caa er ve oc. 


Licensed Victuallers Association predicts difficult January for sector

December has been described as 'catastrophic' for the Isle of Man's pub and restaurant trade.

The Licensed Victuallers Association is hoping to meet with government to discuss the challenges facing the industries.

Numerous venues faced staff shortages or cancellations due to Covid-19.

Chair Geoff Joughin says he has big concerns for some premises going into the New Year:

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