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Chair appointed to carry out review of government's handling of Covid-19

Caairlagh pointit dy chooilleeney aa-scrutaght jeh'n aght ren reiltys cur rish Covid-19

Nee Kate Brunner livrey tuarastyl s'jerree liorish jerrey 2023

Ta'n reiltys er phointeil caairlagh da'n aa-scrutaght neu-chrogheydagh er cur rish y phandemagh Covid-19.

Nee Kate Brunner, Leighder Ven-Rein, leeideil yn shalee nee jeeaghyn er reaghyssyn jeant ec yn reiltys eddyr Mee ny Nollick 2019 as jerrey Mean Fouyir 2021.

Nee ish eisht livrey tuarastyl s'jerree gys Tinvaal liorish jerrey Mee ny Nollick 2023 – nee jeeraghey ard soilshey er ardyn son shareaghey 'syn aght nee'n reiltys goaill ayns laue freggyrt eginagh erbee da pandemagh 'sy traa ry heet. 

Nee Bnr Brunner cur keayrt er yn Ellan Mean Fouyir dy ghoaill toshiaght er yn aa-scrutaght eck.

Dooyrt ee: "Bee shoh ny oardagh neu-chrogheydagh dy bollagh lesh focus er tayrn magh lessoonyn vees ry ynsaghey dy vod yn Ellan cheet dy ve eer ny smoo reen noi pandemaghyn erbee 'sy traa ry heet ny craghyn cosoyley rish.

"Ta mee toiggal yn scansh jeh clashtyn veih fir er lheh as veih possanyn mychione yn aght v'ad er nyn n'yannoo er chammah's ronsaghey oardaghyn as jannoo reaghyssyn y reiltys.

"Nee ny keimyn toshee goaill stiagh cur faill da fwirran as reaghey saase, as bee'n chlaare-hraa yerkit son goaill feanish er ny chlou cho leah's vees possible."


Chair appointed to carry out review of government's handling of Covid-19

Kate Brunner will deliver a final report by the end of 2023

Government has appointed a chair of the independent review into the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kate Brunner QC will lead the project which will look into decisions made by the government between December 2019 and the end of September 2021.

She’ll then deliver a final report to Tynwald by the end of December 2023 - which will highlight areas for improvement to the way government deals with any future emergency response to a pandemic.

Ms Brunner will visit the Island in September to begin her review.

She said: “This will be an entirely independent process with a focus on drawing out lessons to be learned so that the Island can become even more resilient to any future pandemics or similar crises.

“I recognise the importance of hearing from individuals and groups about how they were affected as well as investigating government procedures and decision-making.  

“The first steps will involve recruiting a team and setting the methodology, and the anticipated timetable of evidence-gathering will be published as soon as possible.”

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