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Charity sector welcomes delay to banking charges

Kerroo giastyllagh goltaghey cumrail er taillaghyn bancal

Banc Ellan Vannin cur shaghey goaill toshiaght er feeaghyn y nah cheayrt

Ta feme er y cherroo giastyllagh jeeaghyn er yn aght t'eh reirey yn argid echey dy haghney taillaghyn banc.

Shen credjue lhiass-chaairlagh Coonceil Sheshaghtyn Arryltagh Ellan Vannin, David Gawne. 

Ren Banc Ellan Vannin cur shaghey plannyn dy ghoaill toshiaght er taillaghyn er sheshaghtyn nagh vel shirrey vondeish y nah cheayrt, red ennagh as va aggle ec shiartanse dy heshaghtyn giastyllagh dy jinnagh eh eebyrt magh ad veih dellal.

Ta Mnr Gawne booisal dy vel tooilley traa er ve currit da'n cherroo dy yannoo aarloo:

AS DAVID GAWNE : Cuin nee eh cheet rish reesht, cha s'aym's. Cha nel shin agh booisal dy vel paart dy hraa ain dy yannoo shoh. Agh s'baghtal eh dy vel shoh dy ghra dy vel feme ain er jeeaghyn er yn aght ta shin cur rish ny coontyssyn banc ain, er yn aght ta shin reirey yn argid ain, nagh vel shin geeck stiagh dagh check ny lomarcan - dy vel shin, myr dy ghra, jannoo y coontysseyrys ain, cur stiagh cooidjagh ymmodee symyn 'sy choontys nee ny sloo ny taillaghyn.


Charity sector welcomes delay to banking charges

Isle of Man Bank suspends introduction of fees for a second time

The charity sector needs to look at the way it manages its finances to avoid bank charges.

That's the belief of the vice-chair of the Isle of Man Council of Voluntary Organisations, David Gawne.

Isle of Man Bank recently suspended plans to introduce charges for not-for-profit organisations for a second time, something some charities feared would force them out of business.

Mr Gawne is grateful the sector has been given more time to prepare:

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