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Chief Minister hints at more support to tackle cost of living pressures

Ard Shirveishagh cur faaue dy bee tooilley cooney dy ghoaill ayns laue preayssyn ayns costyssyn bea

Priosyn gas bishaghey liorish 43.9 per cent 1 Mean Fouyir

Foddee dy vel tooilley cooney dy ghoaill ayns laue y creoighys ec y traa t'ayn lesh y chostys bea ry heet son sleih vees streeu ayns Ellan Vannin.

Ta'n ard shirveishagh er chur faaue, foddee dy bee tooilley cooney, marish shen fogrit magh hannah, ry heet.

Ta Tinvaal er ny aa-gherrym as nee eh soie ny s'anmee 'sy vee shoh dy loayrt mychione yn freggyrt echey da ny doilleeidyn vees cheet  er cummaltee as thieyn dellal.

Ta Alfred Cannan gra 'nagh vel sleih nyn lomarcan'.

AS ALFRED CANNAN : Dy chooilley pheiagh as ta ny doolaneyn shoh rhymboo trooid yn Ellan, cha nel ad jannoo eh nyn lomarcan. Ta'n reiltys gaghtey: ta mynjeig £26m ain bentyn da pohlldal rish priosyn lectragh, as ta shin credjal dy jean ee cur vondeish da dy chooilley pheiagh ry hoi cummal paart dy hickyrys bentyn da priosyn son bree. Myr shoh ta cooney mooie ayns shen. Nee mayd tannaghtyn lesh freayll arrey er yn stayd. Ta shin jerkal dy jig tooilley fograghyn, dy cummyssagh lurg jantys erbee ta'n Reeriaght Unnaneysit dy yannoo, as bee feme ain tannaghtyn lesh eddyr-insh reiltagh rish dy chooilley pheiagh mychione yn aght ta shin jannoo shoh, bentyn rish yn eiyrtys trooid yn Ellan, as rish cre elley as foddee dy bee feme er ec date ry heet.   


Gas prices increase by 43.9 per cent today

More help to tackle the current cost-of-living crisis could be on the way for people struggling on the Isle of Man.

The chief minister has hinted that additional support, away from that already announced, may be forthcoming.

Gas prices on the Island have increased by 43.9 per cent today (1 September) – it follows a 58 per cent hike in April.

Tynwald has been recalled and will sit later this month to discuss its response to the difficulties being experienced by residents and businesses.

Alfred Cannan says people are ‘not alone’:

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