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Chief minister welcomes findings of beneficial ownership review

Ard shirveishagh goltaghey briwnys yn aa-scrutaght er shellooderys vondeishagh

Ta'n RU gra dy vel y reaghys maylartey fysseree gobbraghey dy mie

Ta'n ard shirveishagh er noltaghey briwnys jeh aa-scrutaght er y chordail mychione shellooderys vondeishagh rish yn RU [Reeriaght Unnaneysit].

Ren y Reiltys Goaldagh cur bree da'n reaghys maylartey fysseree rish ny Croghaneyn Crooin as ny Thallooyn Harrish Mooir ayns 2016.

Ta'n reaghys jannoo shickyr dy vod lught-reill cur bree da'n leigh 'syn RU as ayns Ellan Vannin geddyn entreilys gyn lhiettrymys da fysseree y lught-reill elley er shellooderys vondeishagh dy streeu rish nieeaghyn argid as lhiettal cur argid son atchimys.

Ta Howard Quayle gra dy vel yn aa-scrutaght soilshaghey magh dy vel y choardail gobbraghey:

AS HOWARD QUAYLE :  Ren eh soilshaghey magh dy row Ellan Vannin er ve lane viallagh da ooilley ny femeyn son yn aa-scrutaght, son y fysseree, cheusthie jeh un oor ny kiare ooryn as feed, as dy vel reiltys yn RU booiagh lesh ny va ry gheddyn oc. Myr shoh, t'eh soilshaghey magh dy vel eh gobbraghey dy mie, dy nee mie ta'n recortys ain jeh shellooderys vondeishagh, as dy vel shin cooilleeney y paart ain noi kimmeeys eddyr-ashoonagh as cur lhiettrymys er cur shaghey keesh.


UK says exchange of notes arrangement is working well

The chief minister has welcomed the findings of a review into a beneficial ownership agreement with the UK.

The British Government brought in the exchange of notes arrangement with the Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories in 2016.

The deal ensures law enforcement bodies in the UK and Isle of Man can have unrestricted access to the other jurisdiction's beneficial ownership information to combat money laundering and prevent the financing of terrorism.

Howard Quayle says the review shows the agreement is working:

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