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Christian and Quine top poll in Douglas South by-election

Christian as Quine ec mullagh y reihys ayns fo-reihys Doolish Yiass

Daa OCF noa 'sy phreeu-valley

Chosn ben traghtee ynnydoil Claire Christian y varriaght myr sterrym ayns fo-reihys Doolish Yiass, ec mullagh y reihys liorish ny shlee na kiare cheead teiy.

Va'n eear stiureyder aer Paul Quine reiht neesht ayns cohirrey gyere son y nah ynnyd, ayn ren Michael Josem jeh Libraalagh Vannin coayl yn ynnyd liorish veg agh shey teiyyn.

Va'n eiyrtys fogrit magh dy anmagh oie Jerdein ayns Scoill Vallajeeilt, lurg aa-choontey va er ny hirrey ec shirreyderyn.

Ren y fer oik reihyssagh James Quinn oaseirey yn immeeaght, liorish va ny coonteyderyn reealley trooid teiyyn as kishtaghyn teiy rish ny sodjey na three ooryn.

Va 1789 teiy ceaut, lesh commeeys 37%, sheese veih'n chommeeys 40% son yn Reihys Mooar Cadjin 2016. 

Va 4,769 fer recortit dy votal.

Va'n fo-reihys er ny chummal lurg baase Bill Malarkey Toshiaght Arree as irree ass yn eear leeideilagh Libraalagh Vannin Kate Costain.

Nee Christian as Quine nish shirveish y yannoo ayns yn Chiare as Feed rish 12 vee, derrey'n reihys mooar cadjin 'sy nah vlein, Mean Fouyir 2021.

Ta Claire Christian gra dy vel eunys eck dy ve reiht ec sleih Doolish Yiass:

AS CLAIRE CHRISTIAN : Ta mee currit bun-ry-skyn, ta mee dy feer. As va ny shirreyderyn elley dy feer lane phrofeshoonagh as t'eh er ve feer vie goll mygeayrt, t'ou toiggal, as, s'cronnal eh dy vel ad nyn shirreyderyn feer, eer yindyssagh as ta mee feer wooisal daue son nyn ymmyrkey profeshoonagh agh, she, ta mee currit dy bollagh bun-ry-skyn liorish shoh.

Ta Paul Quine gra dy vel eh booiagh dy daink eh lesh, as ren eh moylley e cho-streeuder by niessey da 'sy chohirrey.

AS PAUL QUINE : Ta relief mooar aym, gura mie ayd, Ewan. Myr dooyrt yn Duic Wellington ec Waterloo, "Cohirrey chionn va shen," agh shegin dou gra dy vel mee cooilleenit liorish. Cha nel mee agh laccal moylley yn aght ooasle, as Mnr Josem er-lheh, ren ymmyrkey eh hene fastyr beg shoh, agh ren ooilley ny shirreyderyn choud's v'ad shirrey voteyn.  

Claire Christian - 930

Paul Quine - 469

Michael Josem of Liberal Vannin - 463

Andrew Jessopp of the Isle of Man Green Party - 342

Pamela Birnie-Malarkey - 337

Anthony Allen - 264

David Fowler - 139

Kevin Oliphant-Smith - 132

Ian James-Clanton - 115

Lon Pinkerton - 84


Two new MHKs in the capital

Local businesswoman Claire Christian stormed to victory in the Douglas South by-election, topping the poll by more than 400 votes.

Former pilot Paul Quine was also elected in a closely fought race for second, which saw Liberal Vannin's Michael Josem lose out by just six votes.

The result was declared late on Thursday night at Scoill Valllajeelt, after a recount was requested by candidates.

Returning officer James Quinn oversaw the process, which saw counters sifting through votes and ballot boxes for more than three hours.

1789 votes were cast, with a turnout of 37%, down from the 40% turnout at the 2016 General Election.

There were 4,759 people registered to vote.

The by-election was held following the passing of Bill Malarkey in February and the resignation of former Liberal Vannin leader Kate Costain.

Christian and Quine will now serve in the House of Keys for 12 months, until next year’s general election in September 2021.

Claire Christian says she's delighted to be chosen by the people of Douglas South:

Paul Quine says he's pleased to get over the line, and paid tribute to his closest rival in the contest:

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