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Commissioners moot courthouse offer

Çheb varrantee son thie quaiyllagh foshlit rish resoonaght

Foddee dy jean Barrantee Rhumsaa çhebbal dy h-oikoil dy chionnaghey thie quaiyllagh yn valley, marish y thalloo.

Ayns dellal oddagh ve jeeragh fo kiare cheead thousane punt, yinnagh y lught-reill ynnydagh y thie quaiyllagh y chionnaghey veih'n Rheynn Cooishyn Sthie, as hebbagh ad da'n Rheynn shey bleeaney as feed gyn mayl, son yn offish meoir-shee sy Thie Quaiyllagh.

Bee eh shirrit er y voayrd noght (Jecrean) eh dy ghoaill rish y dellal.

Yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie, va'n thie quaiyllagh currit er y vargey ec y Rheynn son kiare cheead, tree feed as queig-jeig thousane punt.

Ta pobble Rhumsaa geearree dy bee eh freilt ayns shellooderys theayagh.

Rere creear theayagh, tree feed as queig-jeig sy cheead jeusyn ghow ayrn sy chreear, dooyrt ad nagh lhisagh y troggal ve creckit da'n cherroo preevaadjagh.

Commissioners moot courthouse offer

Ramsey Commissioners may make an official bid to buy the town's courthouse  and grounds.

In a deal valued at just under £400,000, the local authority would purchase the facility from the Department of Home Affairs and offer the department 26 years free rent for the police office in the town hall.

The board will be asked to ratify the move tonight (Wednesday).

The historic courthouse was last week put on the market by the department for £475,000.

The people of Ramsey want it retained in public ownership with 75 per cent of those surveyed also saying the building should not be sold to the private sector.

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