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Commons decision positive for Island says former tax director

Briwnys Quaiyl Theay Hostyn jarrooagh son Ellan ta eear stiureyder keesh dy ghra

S'lickly eh dy bee recortys theayagh currit lesh stiagh 'sy traa ry heet

Ta eear stiureyder keesh ayns colught coontysseyraght PKF gra dy nee naight mie eh nagh row yn Ellan 'sy chied tranche jeh eab s'noa dy chur fo smaght lughtyn-reill mooie.

As eh loayrt ayns Mandate moghrey Jecrean (2 Mee Voaldyn), dooyrt Philip Dearden, choud's ta'n chooid smoo dy lughtyn-reill - goaill stiagh Ellan Vannin - er chur er bun recortyssyn preevaadjagh, nagh beagh recortyssyn theayagh ennoil mastey cleeantyn as dy jinnagh shen eiyr ad gys buill elley.

Jemayrt, ren Quaiyl Theay Hostyn resooney magh y Billey Lhiettrymyssyn as Noi Nieeaghyn-Argid as va treealtys dy ghoaill stiagh croghaneyn-crooin, chammah's thallooyn harrish mooir - agh cha ren yn Airey Cooishyn Joarree yn Reejerey Alan Duncan coardail as va'n lhiasaghey shoh tayrnit ergooyl.
Choud's t'eh credjal dy bee lheid y reaghys neu-haghnagh 'sy traa sodjey, ta Mnr Dearden gra dy row yn treealtys Jemayrt ayns Quaiyl Theay Hostyn jarrooagh son yn Ellan.

AS MNR DEARDEN: Er-lhiam dy vel shen mie dy liooar, nagh vel, er-yn-oyr dy vel Mannin dy cadjin yn chied er 'syn arbyl. Agh ayns shoh, t'eh jeeaghyn dy jean eh taghyrt, agh t'eh jeeaghyn nagh jean eh taghyrt son Ellan Vannin ec y traa t'ayn. Myr shoh, cha nel shin yn chied er 'syn arbyl, as red mie vees shen.

AS JOHN MOSS: Agh ta ymmodee colughtyn ayns ny croghaneyn-crooin as ta banglaneyn oc ayns ny thallooyn harrish mooir, myr shoh recortys theayagh 'sy derrey yeh, agh cha nee 'sy jeh elley.

AS MNR DEARDEN: Ta mee goaill-rish dy nee red quaagh shen, agh shen yn aght lesh ymmodee reddyn, nagh vel? Ta caghlaaghyn leigh ayns caghlaaghyn lught-reill, as shen paart jeh ny ta cleeantyn as coyrleyderyn jeeaghyn er tra t'ad reih boayl dy chur strughtooryn nyn gleeantyn.

Commons decision positive for Island says former tax director

Introduction of public register likely in future

A former tax director at accountancy firm PKF says it's good news the Island wasn't in the first tranche of a latest clampdown on offshore jurisdictions.

Speaking on Mandate on Wednesday morning (2 May) Philip Dearden said whilst most jurisdictions - including the Isle of Man - had introduced private registers, public registers won't be popular with clients and would drive them elsewhere.

On Tuesday, the House of Commons debated the Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill and there was a move to include crown dependencies, as well as the overseas territories - but Foreign Office Minister Sir Alan Duncan did not agree and this amendment was withdrawn.

Whilst he believes such a move will be inevitable in the long run, Mr Dearden says Tuesday's move in the Commons was positive for the Island.

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