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Confucius Classroom further strengthens links with China

Minister Counsellor for Education Mr Shen Yang and Minister for Education and Children Tim Crookall MLC unveil the plaque to mark the opening of the Independent Confucius Classroom.

Shamyr-Vrastyl Chonfucius niartaghey kianglaghyn lesh yn Çheen ny sodjey

Ta scoill Vanninagh er jeet dy ve yn chied scoill ayns ny crogheydaneyn-crooin as Shamyr-Vrastyl Chonfucius eck.

Hooar Ard-Scoill Valley Kermeen coardailys oikoil veih Hanban, yn Oik Ashoonagh Sheenagh son Ynsaghey Sheenish myr Çhengey Yoarree.

Ta'n staydys er ny chur jee kyndagh rish kiangley yn scoill marish Scoill Earroo 1 ayns Mooar-Rheynn Hanan sy Çheen.

Dean y skeim, shen greinnaghey studeyryn Sheenish 'ynsaghey, as feddyn magh tooilley mychione cultoor ny çheerey.

Hie yn çhamyr-vrastyl er fosley dy h-oikoil moghrey Jelune liorish yn Çhirveishagh-Coyrlee son Ynsagh ec yn Embassaid Sheenagh ayns Lunnin, Mnr Shen Yang, as yn Ard-Shirveishagh Bell.

Confucius Classroom further strengthens links with China

A Manx school has become the first in the crown dependencies to open a Confucius Classroom.

Ballakermeen High School received the recognition from Hanban, the Chinese National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.

It's been granted the status because of the school's twinning with Number 1 School in China's Hanan Province.

The aim of the scheme is to encourage students to learn Chinese and find out more about the country's culture.

The classroom was formally opened on Monday morning by the Minister Counsellor for Education of the Chinese Embassy in London, Mr Shen Yang, and Chief Minister Bell.

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