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Consider organ donation, MHK urges

Smooinee mychione toyrtys-olt, ta OKF greinnaghey

Ver tooilley Ellanee nyn oltyn, my vees y coarys caghlaait.

Ta shen grait ec Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed, ta er hirrey er fir-hoshee slaynt ad dy yannoo ny ta jeant ayns Bretin - ta shen dy ghra, çhyndaa bun-ry-skyn ny ta jeant ayns Mannin ec y traa t'ayn.

Myr t'ad jannoo ayns Sostyn, Nalbin as Nerin Hwoaie, ec Thie-Lheihys Noble, shegin da peiagh recortyssey dy vel ad arryltagh oltyn y choyrt tra yiow ad baase.

Neayr's feed cheead as queig-jeig, surransee ayns Bretin, shegin daue recortyssey nagh vel ad laccal oltyn y choyrt tra yiow ad baase.

Martyn Perkins, yn Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Garff, t'eh gra dy beagh yn earroo dy hoyrtee-olt ayns Mannin bishit dy beagh Mannin jannoo yn un red as Bretin.

Consider organ donation, MHK urges

More Islanders will donate their organs if the system changes.

So says an MHK who has asked health chiefs to follow Wales and reverse the current practice in the Isle of Man.

As in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, Nobe's Hospital operates an opt-in system which means a person must register their consent  to donate organs when they die.

Since 2015, patients in Wales have had to opt out if they don't want to be an organ donor.

Garff member Martyn Perkins says reverting to that model will increase the number of donors locally.

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