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'Consumers' of legal services urged to share their views

'Ymmyderyn' shirveishyn leighoil goll er greinnaghey dy rheynn ny barelyn oc

Toyrtyssyn ry laccal myr ayrn jeh 'aa-scrutaght magh as magh'

Ta sleih as t'ad er nymmydey shirveishyn leighoil ayns Ellan Vannin goll er greinnaghey dy rheynn ny barelyn oc.

Ren yn Shirveishagh Cooishyn Sthie as Cairys feeraghey Jemayrt shoh chaie (18 Jerrey Geuree) dy bee 'aa-scrutaght magh as magh' er ny ghoaill ayns laue dy aa-chummey ad.

Bee eh er ny leeideil ec oltey Quaiyl ny Chiarnyn, yn Chiarn Edward Garnier, LV [Leighder yn Ven-Rein].

Ta Jane Poole-Wilson gra dy by vie lhee clashtyn veih 'ymmyderyn'. 

AS JANE POOLE-WILSON : Er-lhiam dy nee feer vie eh dy vel oo cheet er sleih as foddee dy vel ad ny smoo ayns gaue, ny foddee vees shirrey cooney ayns soilshaghey magh y cheeayl chionnit oc. As, t'ou toiggal, un aght, shen dy gholl via nyn OCF [Oltey yn Chiare as Feed] as dy ve abyl dy ghra, 

"Vel caa dhyt jus cooney lhiam, eddyr rheynn yn cheeayl chionnit aym ny cooney lhiam screeu sheese shen, dy voddym cur stiagh shen gys yn vrialtys?"

Agh son shickyrys, veign jeeaghyn dy chur eab er jannoo cho mooar as vees ry yannoo ny aghtyn foddee sleih cur stiagh ayn as rheynn yn cheeayl chionnit oc. 


Contributions wanted as part of 'robust review'

People who have used legal services on the Isle of Man are being encouraged to share their views.

The Home Affairs and Justice Minister confirmed last Tuesday (18 January) that a 'robust' review will be undertaken to reform them.

It will be led by House of Lords member, Lord Edward Garnier, QC [Queen's Council].

Jane Poole-Wilson says she wants to hear from 'consumers':

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