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Council supports Lord Street plan but has concerns over access

Coonceil pohlldal plan Straid y Chiarn agh ta imnea echey mychione entreilys

'Strane y Chabbal ro choon son tooilley traaght'

Ta Coonceil Ghoolish goltaghey dy mooar ard shalee dy lhiasaghey ynnyd stashoon barroose Straid y Chiarn, agh t'eh er jeet er imnea mychione entreilys.

Ta plannyn son troggal thie fillym as 7 scapeyn ayn, thie aaght as 80 lhiabbeeyn ayn, unnidyn myn-chreck as cummalyn rea 'syn ynnyd goll er sessal ec y traa t'ayn liorish fir hoshee plannal y reiltys.

Myr ayrn jeh'n starr shoh, ta Coonceil Ghoolish er hirrey smooinaghtyn er y chooish, t'er jeet veih bing as y Coonceilagh Ritchie McNicoll ny chaairlagh j'ee.

Ta entreilys son carbid trooid Strane y Chabbal jannoo seose doilleeid hannah son thieyn dellal 'syn ard, as oddagh ard lhiasaghey noa jannoo ny smessey y doilleeid, rere y ving.

Ta Mnr McNicoll gra dy vel doccar ec vannyn livrey-ys er ny ta 'ny raad feer choon'.

AS RITCHIE McNICOLL : Va eunys ain tra, fy yerrey, haink y skeim roish lurg mysh jeih bleeaney as feed fieau er, tra ren y Choonceil creck yn ynnyd da'n Reiltys, as nish, er pabyr, t'eh jeeaghyn dy ve red ennagh mie er-chee taghyrt. Ta'n Coonceil pohlldal dy mooar yn ynnyd goll er lhiasaghey, agh va feysht beg ny ghaa ain tra yeeagh shin er y yeearree phlannal. Cha nee vannyn livrey-ys ynrican eh, agh t'eh jannoo seose y bollagh smoo stiagh magh son y phairk gleashtan. 

'Chapel Row is too narrow for extra traffic' 

Douglas Council is welcoming a major project to develop the Lord Street bus station site with open arms, but has raised concerns over access.

Plans for the building of a 7-screen cinema, 80-bed hotel, retail units and apartments at the site are currently being assessed by government planning chiefs.

As part of this process, Douglas Council has been asked for feedback, which has come from a committee chaired by Councillor Ritchie McNicoll.

Access for vehicles through Chapel Row is already an issue for businesses in the area, and a major new development could exacerbate the problem according to the committee.

Mr McNicoll says delivery vans already struggle on what is a 'very narrow road'.

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