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Criticism of health dept to be 'expected'

Cremmey y rheynn slaynt dy ve 'jerkit rish'

Shirveishagh Ashford cur freggyrt da imneaghyn olteynyn

Ta'n shirveishagh slaynt gra nagh row yindys ec cremmey e rheynn as y ceau argid echey ayns soie Tinvaal, Jemayrt (19 Mee Vayrt).

Ren David Ashford shirrey kiare millioon punt elley son claare argidoil y rheynn.

Ren kuse dy olteynyn irree dy hoilshaghey magh nyn imneaghyn, goaill stiagh Jayne Poole-Wilson, Oltey y Choonceil Slattyssagh, ren gra dy row feanish ayn dy voddagh argid currit da'n rheynn goll er ceau ayns aght share; as Oltey yn Chiare as Feed ass-lieh Rhumsaa, Lawrie Hooper, neesht, ren shirrey tooilley fys baghtal mychione y starr son aarlaghey y chlaare argidoil.

Ny yei ny imneaghyn shoh, va coardail currit son yn argid elley 'sy whaiyl lesh un aigney.

AS DAVID ASHFORD : As yinnagh oo jerkal rish paart. My vees rheynn cheet back son tooilley argid, gra nagh vod mayd tannaghtyn cheusthie jeh nyn gooid, cur-jee tooilley argid dooin, yinnin jerkal rish olteynyn Tinvaal dy ve scrutaghey as briaght jeh'n chirveishagh cre'n oyr er-e-hon, as cre'n fa ta feme ain son argid elley, er yn oyr dy nee leagh-mooar ta dy chooilley phing jeh argid ny eeckeyderyn keesh.


Minister Ashford responds to members' concerns 

The health minister says criticism for his department and its finances in the sitting of Tynwald on Tuesday (19 March) came as no surprise.

David Ashford requested an extra four million pounds to the department's budget.

Several members took to the floor to voice their concerns, including Jayne Poole Wilson, Member of the Legislative Council, who said there's evidence the money given to the department could be better spent; and also Ramsey MHK Lawrie Hooper who asked for more clarification about the budgeting process.

Despite these concerns, the extra funds were approved unanimously in the court.

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