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Crown Dependencies appeal to Cameron

Crogheydyssyn Crooin jannoo aghin rish Cameron

Ta ny leeideilee Vannin, Jersey as Guernsey er screeu gys preeu-shirveishagh yn Reeriaght Unnaneyssit, as ad greinnaghey eh gyn jarrood ny Crogheydyssyn Crooin ayns barganaghyn Vrexit.

Y screeuyn, as enmyn ny tree ard-shirveishee screeuit lesh nyn laueyn er, t'eh soilshaghey boirey mooar bentyn da coayl dellal gyn eeck argid-custym lesh yn Unnaneys Oarpagh.

T'eh greinnaghey David Cameron dy lhiantyn rish e yioal dy obbraghey marish ny Crogheydyssyn Crooin tra vees yn Reeriaght Unnaneyssit faagail yn Unnaneys Oarpagh - as dy ghoaill stiagh ny tree reiltyssyn ellanagh ayns çhaglymyn tra oddys shen ve jeant.

Ta'n screeuyn soilshaghey yn boirey ayns ny tree reillyssyn bentyn da coayl Protocol 3, ta lowal da dellal seyr lesh yn Unnaneys Oarpagh.

As t'eh gra dy vel kiangley jeeragh ec reiltyssyn Vannin as ny h-Ellanyn Vooir Eeaght lesh ny conaantyn jeh tayrn-magh yn Reeriaght Unnaneyssit ass yn Unnaneys.

Ta ennym screeuit Allan Bell ny hassoo rish enmyn screeuit yn Çhaghter Gavin St Peter, Ard-Shirveishagh Steatyn Guernsey as yn Shanstyr Ian Gorst, Ard-Shirveishagh Yersey.

Ta'n troor gra dy lajer dy vel ny tree Crogheydyssyn Crooin geearree goll er lesh ny ta reaghit ec y traa t'ayn lesh yn Reeriaght Unnaneyssit bentyn da dellal seyr as sleih troailt mygeayrt dy seyr.

Chammah as shen, ta'n screeuyn troggal boiraghyn mychione 'cairys shennayr' son sleih nagh vel Goaldagh ta cummal ayns ny Crogheydyssyn Crooin, lesh cairyssyn Unnaneys Oarpagh trooid ny kianglaghyn Reeriaght Unnaneyssit oc.

Ta ny ard-shirveishee goaill rish dy bee faagail yn Unnaneys Oarpagh '"Feer chramp as jeean bentyn da cooid", agh t'ad shirrey fys dy ve currit daue mychione gagh cooish scanshoil, as dy bee ad goaill ayrn ayns resoonaghtyn-faagail raad vees shen cooie.

Crown Dependencies appeal to Cameron

The leaders of the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey have written to the UK prime minister, urging him not to overlook the Cown Dependencies in Brexit negotiations.

The letter, signed by all three chief ministers, highlights concern over the loss of tariff-free trade with the EU.

It presses David Cameron to honours his pledge to engage with the Crown Dependencies in the exit process - and to include the three island governments in talks where possible.

The letter spells out concern in the three jurisdictions over the loss of Protocol 3, allowing for free trade with the EU and says the Manx and Channel Islands' governments have a direct interest in the terms of the UK's withdrawal from the Union.

Allan Bell's signature stands alongside that of Deputy Gavin St Pier Chief Minister of the States of Guernsey and Senator Ian Gorst, his counterpart in Jersey.

The trio stress that all three Crown Dependencies wish to continue existing arrangements with the UK on free trade and the free movement of people.

It also raises concerns about grandfathering rights for non-British nationals resident in the Crown Dependencies, with EU rights through their UK connections.

The chief ministers say they accept the exit process will be "complicated and highly resource-intensive" but ask that they be kept informed on all matters of interest, and included in discussions over the exit process where relevant.

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