Data proposals spark debate

Treealtyssyn bentyn da fysseree greinnaghey resoonaght

Ta fysseree stoyrit ec reiltys Vannin cho shickyr as oddys eh ve.

Shen credjue e stureyder caghlaa as aa-chummey.

Va Dan Davies nane jeh daa loayreyder ec çhaglym y Phossan Jantys Jarrooagh, oie Jeleune ec Club Leejoon Vannin ayns Doolish.

Ren eh resooney ny h-arganeyn son as noi plannyn dy veanaghey ooilley ny recortyssyn jeh cummaltee Ellanagh ayns un ynnyd-fysseree ny lomarcan.

Ta Mnr Davies gra dy vod eh boiraghyn y hoiggal. 

Data proposals spark debate

Data held by the Manx government is as secure as it can be.

That is the belief of its director of change and reform.

Dan Davies was one of two speakers at Monday night's Positive Action Group meeting at the Manx Legion Club in Douglas.

It debated the arguments for and against plans to centralise all records of Island residents on one database.

Mr Davies says he can understand concerns.

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