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DED hoping to attract new media companies to the Island

Rheynn Lhiasaghey Tarmaynagh jerkal tayrn colughtyn-mean noa gys yn Ellan

Ta kerroo millioon punt goll er jannoo dy ve ry-gheddyn, dy hayrn colughtyn-mean noa gys yn Ellan.

Ta shoh taghyrt ny lurg da'n reiltys v'er vockley magh caghlaa ymmyd yn Tashtey Lhiasaghey Mean, ta goll er stiurey ec Pinewood Pictures.

Ta'n caghlaa goll er jannoo marish plannyn ec SES Satellite Leasing, dy hroggal kiare jystyn-satelleet noa ayns shoh, ry-hoi mooadaghey ablid, as sharaghey bun-troggalys.

As goll er jannoo dy ve ry-gheddyn neesht, ta skeim-lhiasee yn Rheynn Lhiasaghey Tarmaynagh.

She Stuart Semark fer-coyrlee er-lheh son meanyn creelee.

DED hoping to attract new media companies to the Island

A quarter-of-a-million pounds is being made available to attract new broadcast media companies to the Island.

It's after government announced a change of use for the Media Development Fund which is managed by Pinewood Pictures.

The change comes alongside plans by island-based SES Satellite Leasing to build four new satellite dishes here, to expand capacity and improve infrastructure.

And being made available is the Development of Economic Development's Enterprise Development Scheme.

Special Advisor for Broadcast Media at DED is Stuart Semark.

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