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'Delay in equality laws could be a positive'

'Oddagh cumrail er leighyn co-chormid ve red jarrooagh'

Leigh rollit magh ayns keimyn veih Jerrey Gheuree 2019

Oddagh cumrailyn ayns cur bree da leighyn co-chormid 'syn Ellan cheet dy ve ny vondeish fy yerrey, rere shirveishagh ard y reiltys.

Bee y Billey Co-Chormid er ny rolley magh ayns keimyn goaill toshiaght Jerrey Gheuree 'sy vlein shoh cheet - ec y hoshiaght cheet er cooishyn jeh'n lheid as aa-livrey keintys, kynney as credjue.

Ta'n Shirveishagh Polasee as Aa-Chummey Chris Thomas gra dy vel eh mollit nagh vel Ellan Vannin er chur bree da slattys y lheid shoh ny sleaie.
Agh t'eh credjal dy jean y cumrail ec y jerrey jannoo dy jarrooagh er sleih ta cur yn leigh ayns Mannin.

AS MNR THOMAS: Va shin abyl dy jarroo dy ynsaghey bentyn rish bingaghyn as yn aght ta shin jannoo ymmyd jeh bingaghyn; ta coyrle ain as reillyn va currit magh, cooie da boayl elley, dy vod mayd ad y yannoo Manninagh as cooie da'n stayd ain. Dy feer, s'bastagh eh dy vel shin cho anmagh, agh fod mayd chyndaa shen dy ve ny vondeish dooinyn.

'Delay in equality laws could be a positive'

Law rolled out in phases from January 2019

Delays in implementing equality laws on the Island could end up being of benefit, according to a senior government minister.

The Equality Bill is to be rolled-out in phases starting in January next year - initially covering things such as gender reassignment, race and religion.

Policy and Reform Minister Chris Thomas says he is disappointed the Isle of Man hasn't brought in such legislation sooner.But he believes the hold-up will end up acting as a positive for Manx lawmakers.

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