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Delayed reshuffle after Allinson becomes minister

Aa-vestey v’er ny chur shaghey lurg da Allinson cheet dy ve shirveishagh

Kuse dy phointeilyn feerit ayns Tinvaal

Va aa-vestey oddagh coontey ve currit jeh myr v’er ny chur shaghey ayns Tinvaal Jemayrt 19 Mee Voaldyn, choud’s va kuse dy phointeilyn politickagh feerit.

Lurg da’n Fer Lhee Alex Allinson OCF [Oltey yn Chiare as Feed] ve currit ayns oik myr shirveishagh ynsee, spoyrt as cultoor ny s’leaie ’sy vlein shoh, va feme er aa-rheynn ny oikyn elley echey.

Nee e chumraag ayns Rhumsaa Lawrie Hooper goaill ersyn y paart ’sy rheynn ayns Oik Coonceil ny Shirveishee.

Myr eiyrtys jeh shen, cha bee Mnr Hooper ny sodjey oltey y rheynn ynsee, agh t’eh cummal yn oik echey ’sy Rheynn Gastid Dellal.

Ta oik elley ayns rheynn v’ec yn Fer Lhee Allinson, ayns cooishyn sthie, er ny ghoaill er ec Rob Callister OCF, ta tannaghtyn neesht ayns yn Rheynn Gastid Dellal.

Ta fer noa ’sy rheynn, neesht, lesh noanagh Tinvaal Peter Greenhill OCS [Oltey yn Choonceil Slattyssagh] goaill yn oik ayns gastid dellal ayns ynnyd jeh Tim Crookall.

Va paart ard-scanshoil elley y Fer Lhee Allinson myr caairlagh Bun-Shirveishyn V annin, t’er jeet nish dy ve Tim Baker OCF, lesh Mnr Greenhill reesht goaill yn oik ayns ynnyd jeh Tim Crookall myr lhiass-chaairlagh y heshaght.

Magh ass shen, ta Mnr Baker er nirree ass yn oik echey myr caair y ving phlannal, as ta’n oik shen er ve currit da OCF ass-lieh Garff Martyn Perkins.

Fy yerrey, ta Coonceil ny Shirveishee er phointeil Daphne Caine OCF dy ve caairlagh Bing Freayltys Cooinaghtaneyn Caggee Ellan Vannin, lurg j’eeish ve ny lhiass-chaairlagh neayr’s 2016.


A number of appointments confirmed in Tynwald

There was what could be described as a delayed reshuffle in Tynwald on Tuesday 19 May, as a number of new political appointments were confirmed.

After Dr Alex Allinson MHK was made minister of education, sport and culture earlier this year, his previous roles needed to be reallocated.

His Ramsey colleague Lawrie Hooper will take up the departmental role in the Cabinet Office.

As a result, Mr Hooper will no longer be a member of the education department, but keeps his role in the Department for Enterprise.

Dr Allinson's other departmental role, in home affairs, has been taken up by Rob Callister MHK, who also remains in the Department for Enterprise.

That department has a new addition, too, with Tynwald newbie Peter Greenhill MLC taking over in enterprise from Tim Crookall.

Dr Allinson's other key role was chair of Manx Utilities, which has now become Tim Baker MHK, with Mr Greenhill again taking over from Tim Crookall as vice-chair of the organisation.

In turn, Mr Baker has relinquished his position as chair of the planning committee, a post which has now been allocated to Garff MHK Martyn Perkins.

Finally, the Council of Ministers has appointed Daphne Caine MHK as chair of the Isle of Man Preservation of War Memorials Committee, having been vice chair since 2016.

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