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Department for Environment, Food and Agriculture welcomes Marine Conservation Society findings

Rheynn Chymmyltaght, Bee as Eirinys goltaghey briwnys Sheshaght Freayltys Marrey

Rate share son Roaganyn as Myn-roaganyn Vannin

Ta Oltey Politickagh yn Rheynn Chymmyltaght, Bee as Eirinys, yn Dr Michelle Haywood, goltaghey briwnys ayns tuarastyl s'noa y Heshaght Freayltys Marrey.

T'ad er chur Roaganyn as Myn-Roaganyn Vannin 'sy rolley amber 'sy Lioar-Oayllys er Eeast Vie oc, as bun jeh shen dy vel ad er hoilshaghey magh shareaghey bentyn da ve ry chummal seose.

T'ee gra dy nee naight mie eh son troaryn Vannin vees eeast shliggagh myr bee marrey.

AS MICHELLE HAYWOOD : Ta'n tuarastyl shoh er ve goll rish earroo dy vleeantyn nish, as she naight feer vie erskyn ooilley dy vel shin ayns rieughid shareaghey ayns ny skenshyn t'ayns yn tuarastyl shen, as dy vel eeastaghyn noa goit stiagh ayn mleeaney nagh row goit stiagh ayn y cheayrt s'jerree neesht. Myr shoh, ta rate neesht son yn eeastagh partan as gimmagh, as t'ad ayns goo mie neesht.


Improved rating for Manx King and Queen Scallops

The Political Member for the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture, Dr Michelle Haywood is welcoming the findings in the latest Marine Conservation Society report.

They've placed Manx King and Queen Scallops on the amber list in their Good Fish Guide which means they've shown improvement in terms of sustainability.

She says it's great news for Isle of Man-produced shellfish seafood:

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