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Department should've published primary school stats claims MHK

Lhisagh Rheynn v'er chlou staddyssaght er bunscoillyn, ta OCF dy ghra

Data currit cooidjagh ec paarant

Lhisagh y rheynn ynsee eh hene v'er chlou data er bunscoillyn Vannin.

Shen barel OCF (Oltey yn Chiare as Feed) ass-lieh Garff Daphne Caine, t'er ve loayrt lurg da'n fys ve currit cooidjagh as clouit ec paarant as oltey y Phossan Jantys Jarrooagh, David Watt.

Ren eh ymmyd jeh aghinyn Seyrsnys Fysseree dy gheddyn y staddyssaght.

V'ad goaill stiagh yn eaghtyr dy 'lhiassagh ynsagh mie', as quoid studeyr as ta'n Vaarle oc myr chengey elley.

Ta Bnr Caine gra dy vel ny myn-ysseree feeu as dy lhisagh ad v'er ve currit ry gheddyn ec yn rheynn ooilley cooidjagh, shaghey son scoillyn er-lheh er aghin.

AS DAPHNE CAINE : T'eh bunnys gyn keeal ny lomarcan. Mannagh vel ayd ny ta'n mean son Ellan Vannin, ny cre'n aght ta ny scoillyn elley 'syn ard goll, cre'n aght ta fys ayd cre ta'n bun jeh shen? Myr shoh, my vees ayd yn eaghtyr mie dy lhiassaghey ta x% jeh ny studeyryn cooilleeney, mannagh vel fys ayd dy vel y mean son yn Ellan 69% as ta'n RU (Reeriaght Unnaneysit) beggan ny syrjey, cre ta'n bun jeh?  


Data assembled by parent

The education department should have published Manx primary school data itself.

The view of Garff MHK Daphne Caine, who's been speaking after the information was collated and put out by a parent and member of the Positive Action Group, David Watt.

He used Freedom of Information requests to get the statistics.

They include the level of 'good learning development', and how many pupils have English as another language.

Mrs Caine says the details are valuable and should have been made available by the department as a whole, rather than for individual schools upon request.

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