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DHSC claims it will 'correct the position' over Glover allegations

RSKT gra dy jean eh 'karraghey y chooish' bentyn rish lhiassaghyn Glover

Va 'reaghyssyn elley' ayn bentyn rish stoo bog

Ta'n Rheynn Slaynt as Kiarail y Theay [RSKT] gra dy vel eh fosyn 'karraghey y chooish' bentyn rish faaue dy ren eh coip jeh stoo bog by lesh colught elley.

Va'n lhiassagh jeant ec yn Dr Rachel Glover, yn ard skeeandagh son TaxaGenomics, choud's hug ee feanish roish Bing ny Coontyssyn Theayagh.

Va'n Dr Glover cooneydagh ayns cur er bun seyraad yn Ellan son prowal noi Covid, agh huitt ee magh lesh yn Rheynn bentyn rish yn ymmyrkey echey as ren ee irree ass Jerrey Fouyir shoh chaie.

T'ee gra eisht dy row coip jeant dy neu-leighoil jeh'n chode eck, va goll er ymmydey myr ayrn jeh freggyrt da'n phrowalys.

Ta'n RSKT shassoo er 'dy row reaghyssyn elley ayn myr ayrn jeh plannal reenid y chiareyder'.

T'eh gra dy vel shoh freggyrtagh da'n ymmyrkey echey rish cochianglyssyn rish ynrican chiareyder son shirveishyn clinicoil ard-scanshoil, agh bentyn neesht rish femeyn s'lhea son oardaghey genomeagh 'sy traa sodjey.

Cha ren yn seyrlann patoayllagh ymmyd jeh'n chode ny sodjey 'ec y traa pointit, er yn oyr nagh row feme er ny sodjey'.

Ta'n rheynn gobbraghey er rheynn ooilley ny docamadyn bentyn da er Bing ny Coontyssyn Theayagh, aynjee t'eh skedjalit dy chur feanish myr freggyrt.

V'eh er chur gialdyn dy yannoo beg dy bollagh jeh lhiassagh yn Dr Glover, goaill stiagh linney-traa dy haghyrtyn, agh cha nel shen er ve currit roish y theay foast.

'Alternative arrangements' were in place over software

The Department of Health and Social Care says it intends to 'correct the position' over claims it copied software belonging to another company.

The allegation was made by Dr Rachel Glover, the chief scientist at TaxaGenomics, as she gave evidence to the Public Accounts Committee.

Dr Glover was instrumental in setting up the Island's Covid testing facility, but fell out with the department over its approach and resigned last October.

She says her code, used as part of the testing response, was then copied unlawfully.

The DHSC insists 'alternative arrangements were in place as part of its provider resilience planning'.

It says this is in-line with its approach to single supplier relationships for critical clinical services, but also in relation to wider requirements for longer-term genomic sequencing.

The pathology lab no longer used the code 'at the agreed point, as it was no longer needed'.

The department is in the process of sharing all the relevant documents with the Public Accounts Committee, where it's due to give evidence in response.

It had promised a complete rebuttal of Dr Glover's claims, including a timeline of events, but that hasn't been published publicily yet.

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