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DHSC shouldn't need as many staff, says MHK

Cha lhisagh RSKT feme whilleen obbree, OCF dy ghra

Paartyn reiree noa ayns Kiarail Vannin costal £3.5m per blein

Cha lhisagh yn rheynn slaynt feme whilleen obbree mannagh vel eh ny sodjey stiurey yn thie lheiys as ny shirveishyn slaynt.

Shen rere OCF [Oltey yn Chiare as Feed] son Rhumsaa Lawrie Hooper roish my vees Kiarail Vannin goaill ersyn y currym son obbraghyn kiarail slaynt Mee Averil 'sy vlein ry heet.

Ta fysseree clouit er y gherrid soilshaghey magh dy vel 19 oikyn reiree goll er feme dy stiurey y boayrd, as 13 jeusyn noa, er costys £3.5millioon per blein.

Ta Mnr Hooper credjal dy lhisagh yn Rheynn Slaynt as Kiarail y Theay (RSKT) feme agh fwirran beg dy chur rish polasee 'sy traa ry heet.

AS LAWRIE HOOPER : Er-lhiam dy row fys ain ooilley, cur er bun Kiarail Vannin, dy jig costys elley lesh shen, as s'baghtal eh dy vel shen paart jeh'n clane cooish. Agh er-lhiam dy ren mish, foddee, sheiltyn beggan ny smoo dy beagh yn chooid smoo jeh'n wirran currit harrish veih'n RSKT, shaghey jus cur stiagh eaghtyr elley. Myr shoh t'eh jeeaghyn dou dy vel shen ny phrios beggan ny syrjey na va mee jerkal rish.

Cha jean Kiarail Vannin 'dooblaghey fwirrin RSKT' - yn Shirveishagh Slaynt David Ashford

Ec y traa cheddin, ta'n Shirveishagh Slaynt shassoo er nagh bee towse mooar dy ghooblaghey jeh obbreeyn 'sy rheynn echey as ayns Kiarail Vannin.

Bee'n fwirran reiree son y voayrd kiarail slaynt noa jeant seose jeh 19 paartyn, as 13 jeusyn noa.

Ta'n sheshaght kiarit dy ve gobbraghey dy slane liorish Mee Averil, lesh failley da kuse jeh ny oikyn shoh fo raad.

Agh ta David Ashford OCF gra dy jean kuse dy oikyn y Rheynn Slaynt as Kiarail y Theay goll harrish gys Kiarail Vannin.

AS DAVID ASHFORD : Bee ymmodee paartyn goll er cur harrish gys Kiarail Vannin. Myr shoh, myr sampleyr, ec y traa t'ayn ta Stiureyder ny Shirveishyn Paitchyn as Lughtyn-Thie ayn, Stiureyder Kiarail y Theay, ta'n Ard Oaseir Obbree ayn, ta'n Stiureyder Lhee ayn. Bee ooilley ny paartyn shen currit harrish magh ass yn RSKT as stiagh ayns Kiarail Vannin. Myr shoh cha nel shoh dy bee towse mooar dy ghooblaghey ayns paartyn goll er scryssey magh, bee paartyn goll er cur harrish.

Yn Shirveishagh Slaynt as Kiarail y Theay, David Ashford. As as er-lhiam dy row eh meanal, "cha nel shoh dy bee towse mooar dy ghooblaghey ayns paartyn 'goll er cur er bun', shaghey 'goll er scryssey magh', ec jerrey ny fockleyn echey ayns shen.

New managerial roles in Manx Care to cost £3.5m per year

The health department shouldn't need as many staff if it's no longer running the hospital and health services.

That's from Ramsey MHK Lawrie Hooper ahead of Manx Care taking over healthcare operations in April next year.

Recently-published figures show 19 management positions are needed to run the board, 13 of which are new, with a cost of £3.5million per year.

Speaking with Sian Cowper, Mr Hooper says he believes the Department of Health and Social Care should only need a small team to handle policy going forward:

Manx Care 'won't duplicate DHSC staff' - Health Minister David Ashford

Meanwhile, the Health Minister insists there won't be a huge amount of duplication between staff in his department and Manx Care.

The management team for the new healthcare board will be made up of 19 roles, 13 of which are new.

The organisation is due to be fully operational by April, with recruitment for several of these posts underway.

But David Ashford MHK says a number of posts from the Department of Health and Social Care will transfer to Manx Care:

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