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Diver treated at hyperbaric chamber overnight

Thummeyder goll er lheihys ayns shamyr hyperbaragh fud ny-hoie

Va thummeyder er ny lheihys fud ny h-oie son jee-aastey ayns yn çhamyr hyperbaragh.

Y dooinney, ta nuy bleeaney jeig as feed dy eash, v'eh thummey magh ass Purt le Moirrey.

Haink cowraghyn dy hingys rish, tammylt beg ny lurg y thummey.

Cheau eh queig oor ayns yn çhamyr oie Jedoonee, as hed e lheihys er-oi son y chooid elley jeh'n çhiaghtin.

Diver treated at hyperbaric chamber overnight

A diver was treated overnight for decompression illness at the Hyperbaric facility.

The 39 year-old man was diving off Port St Mary and developed symptoms shortly after the dive.

He spent five hours in the chamber on Sunday night and his treatment will continue for the rest of the week.

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