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Don't corporatise the Villa Gaeity says promoter

Ny jean-shiu co-chorpaghey yn Villa Gaeity, ta reagheyder-show gra

Co-chorpaghey yn Villa Gaeity, cha jean shen feaysley doilleeidyn y Villa Gaeity - reir yn reagheyder-show ren yn çhebbal y aagail.

Lee O'Hanlon, Ard-Offishear Shecktyragh TinyCOW Ellan Vannin Chiarmaanit, t'eh gra dy re toiggaltys share jeh argidys ta ymmyrçhagh, chammah as reirey immeeaghtyn er aghtyn smoo aghtal.

Haink ny h-imraaghyn shoh rish, kyndagh rish argane ta foast fo raad lesh yn Rheynn Lhiasaghey Tarmaynagh, bentyn da gig yn Reejerey Tom Jones, as cuirrey-kiaullee ny Jacksons ayns feed cheead as kiare-jeig.

Ta Mnr O'Hanlon gra dy vel drogh-reirey ec ynnyd y yig er chostal eeckeyderyn-keesh keead thousane punt - cha nel y Rheynn Lhiasaghey Tarmaynys er veeraghey shen, as cha nel y Rheynn eh y nobbal noadyr.

Ta Mnr O'Hanlon er hoilshaghey ny t'eh credjal dy ve ymmyrçhagh.

Don't corporatise the Villa Gaeity says promoter

Corporatising the Villa Gaeity won't solve its financial diffculties - according to the promoter who backed out of the tender process.

TinyCOW Isle of Man Ltd. CEO Lee O'Hanlon says all that's needed is a better understanding of finance, and a smarter approach to event management.

The comments arise out of an ongoing dispute with the Department of Economic Development over the Sir Tom Jones gig, and the Jacksons concert in 2014.

Mr O'Hanlon claims mis-management at the venue has hit taxpayers with a £100,000 loss - which the DED has neither confirmed nor denied.

He explained what he believes should happen.

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