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Douglas Council to reduce in size

Bee Coonseil Ghoolish er ny leodaghey

Hed Coonseil Ghoolish er leodaghey liorish treen veih'n vlein 2020.

Ta leeideilagh y choonseil David y Christeen er chur roish treealtys dy speeideilagh nee giarrey yn earroo dy choonseilee veih hoght-jeig gys daa-yeig ny lurg y nah reihys.

Shoh yn trass eab echey dy leodaghey yn earroo dy choonseilee.

David y Christeen, t'er ghra roish shoh dy vel reiltys Vannin ro vooar, t'eh credjal dy re caghlaa er lheh t'ayn.

Douglas Council to reduce in size

The size of Douglas Council will reduce by a third from 2020.

Council leader David Christian has successfully moved a motion which will see the number of councillors drop from 18 to 12 following the next election.

It's his third attempt to reduce the number of councillors.

Mr Christian, who has previously said the Island was overgoverned, believes it's a landmark moment.

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