DUP could foster Manx links

Oddagh y Partee Unnaneyssagh Deynlagh niartaghey kianglaghyn Manninagh

Dellal treealit eddyr ny Thoreeyn as y Parteee Unnaneyssagh Deynlagh, oddagh eh tayrn Mannin ny sniessey da Westminster.

Preeu-Hirveishagh y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit, Theresa May, t'ee jerkal jannoo dellal lesh y Phartee Unnaneyssagh Deynlagh yn çhiaghtin shoh dy pholldal e reiltys mynchooid.

Yn eear-Ard Shirveishagh Allan Bell, t'eh credjal dy voddagh ynnyd Vannin ayns barganey Vrexit goll er niartaghey kyndagh rish shen.

Ta'n Choonseil Ghoaldagh Yernagh çhaglym ry-cheiley dy reiltagh çhaghteryn ass yn Reeriaght Unnaneyssit, Nerin, Nalbin, Bretyn as ny Crogheydaneyn Crooin dy resooney cooishyn poilitickagh.

Ta Mnr Bell credjal dy voddagh shen ve ny 'chass sy dorrys' son reiltys Vannin.

DUP could foster Manx links

A proposed deal between the Conservatives and the DUP could bring the Isle of Man closer to Westminster.

UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, is hoping to strike a deal with the party this week to support her minority government.

But former Manx Chief Minister, Allan Bell, believes our position in Brexit negotiations could be strengthened as a result.

The British Irish Council brings together representatives from the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the Crown Dependencies regularly to discuss political matters.

Mr Bell believes that could be a 'foot in the door' for the Manx government.

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