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Encouraging unemployment figures released

Earrooyn vee-startaght jerkallagh currit magh

Y raayt ooilley cooidjagh jeh mee-startaght, huitt eh liorish jeih sy cheead eddyr Jerrey Fouyir 2014 as Jerrey Fouyir 2015.

Ny h-earrooryn va currit magh, t'ad soilshaghey neesht dy huitt yn earroo dy leih fo queig bleeaney as feed dy eash nagh row startey oc, dy huitt eh veih tree cheead, tree-jeig as feed gys daa cheead, shiaght-jeig as feed sy traa cheddin - huitt eh liorish faggys da'n trass ayrn jeusyn nagh row startey oc.

Earrooyn mee-startaght foddey çharrymagh, t'adsyn jerkallagh son y Reiltys myrgeddin. Ta ny h-earrooyn shoh bentyn dauesyn ta gaggyrt lowanse shirreyder-startey son ny smoo na blein.

Voish mullagh jeh daa cheead, queig-jeig as daeed ayns Toshiaght Arree 2014, huitt yn earroo shen liorish shey as daeed sy cheead gys un cheead, hoght-jeig as feed.

Encouraging unemployment figures released

The overall rate of unemployment fell by ten per cent between October 2014 and October 2015.

Figures released also show the number of jobless people under 25 fell by almost a third - from 333 to 237 in the same period.

Long Term Unemployment figures - for those who have been claiming jobseekers allowance for more than a year - are also encouraging for the Government.

Peaking at 255 in February 2014, that number reduced by 46 per cent to 138.

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